If you have anything you want to donate to my website for review, you can either contribute to my Patreon, or send something to this address:
Alex P Shannon
1801 Dolphin Dr
Gautier Mississippi
 39553 USA.

If you just want to send something to me, you can check out my current Amazon Wishlist or my old Amazon wishlist and get anything from there. Items on the current wishlist I try and keep sorted by priority. The old one was generally set up like that as well, but it's less organized.

Basically, if you buy something for me off the Amazon wishlist, the dollar-amount translates 1:1 to reward tiers on Patreon. You can buy something for me and pick something else for me to review, or you can just buy something (Or somethings) for me to review directly. Doesn't matter to me what you want to do, if you want to support me, here's an option.

I also have an Amazon Affiliate link if you want to just shop through that and earn me a commission through there.

Please note that nothing donated can be returned.