Thursday, October 20, 2011

How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls

Okay, time to get down to the reviewing business! We're starting out with new and returning TV shows!

First off, CBS Monday comedies, starting with How I Met Your Mother:
How I Met Your Mother is a not so good show that got worse as time went on.
It went from a show that was inspired by a somewhat dumb, but serviceable idea ("let's write about our friends and the stupid stuff we did in New York,") with a story that should have ended in one season, to a vehicle for Neil Patrick Harris.
Las I checked, he was supposed to be a supporting actor. Tut he seems to have become the main character as far as marketing is concerned. Both on the syndicated episodes on FOX, and also for the new episodes on CBS.
That's not a particularly huge complaint compared to the fact that the show has been working off a concept that probably should have been wrapped up in the third season or so. The writers and actors have admitted that they don't know who the mother is going to be, which means that they don't really have any kind of planned ending for the show. That would be alright if the jokes were any good, but they're basically re-using a lot of tired humor these days, either from previous seasons, or from other more inspired pieces of comedy. Or else they're just outright not funny. No matter how you look at it, the show and actors seem pretty tired of what they're doing.
Next up is 2 Broke Girls.

Two Broke Girls is a somewhat new show about a twenty-something waitress from Brooklyn who makes supposedly great red velvet cupcakes, and the also twenty-something daughter of a Manhattan ponzi-schemer turned waitress who's father scammed most of NYC in a somewhat Madoff-esque snafu, who both happen to work a the same diner, and have since become friends, and partners in a plan to open a cupcake shop, which will cost them $250,000. At the end of each show, they have a money counter that goes up, or down, depending on the circumstances. As of yet, it hasn't gone down. Oh yeah, I forgot, they also have a horse named Chestnut, who lives in  their yard. Only time will tell if the show is worth the half an hour a week that it takes.

That's all for now! The Big Bang Theory is on, and I love it to death! More reviews later!

Images from IMDB.