Thursday, October 27, 2011

ok, continuing with the reviews started on the previous post, CBS Primetime Monday:

                                            Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men is a nine year old sitcom that airs new episodes on CBS prime-time, and older ones on FOX in the afternoons, starting off with Charlie Sheen as the philandering jingle writing main character, who's brother Alan, (played by John Cryer) and nephew Jake (Played by Angus T Jones) moved in with him after Alan broke up with his wife. It went on with that cast for eight seasons, pairing up all three lunatics with different steady girlfriends, and in the case of Sheen, and Cryers characters, always somehow managing to break them up. Continually going down-hill after each breakup, becoming more, and more inappropriate as time went on. Partially due to the fact that Sheen was becoming more, and more like his character of the same first name. and finally getting to the point where, due to a disagreement with CBS, and several offhand comments about the network and shows creator, along with the fact that Sheen was in rehab lead to the producers killing Sheen's Character off in a train accident(?) and replacing him with Ashton Kutcher. (Who's characters name is Walden Schmidt) and Alan having to sell the house to Walden to pay off the mortgages on the house, and his brothers various other debts. at first, they had Alan and Jake living at Alan's mothers house, but they left within 10 minutes (Real time, not show time) and went to stay for a bit @ the old house, (Now Walden's) and are there to stay indefinitely. Walden's wife left him, and he was suicidal at the time he washed up on the Malibu beach behind Charlie's house. he bought the house at the beginning of the second episode (or the end of the first) of the season. and all i can say about the new take the show has is this: DON'T SCREW IT UP! because, only time will tell if this new take, on a rather old show can tell if it is worth watching, or if the eight o' clock hour on CBS needs to be avoided at all costs. another review coming soon!