Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SEGA coming out with a new console?

I was looking about the webs for some news on the eighth generation of gaming consoles, and I have found lots of rumors thick in the depths. Some about the PS4, the X3, the hypothetical Xbox handheld console, and then, I stumbled across a few rumors about a new SEGA home console and handheld. With Microsoft and Sony putting off the launch of their new home consoles until 2015, Nintendo will make it big with people wanting new games, new hardware, and better graphics. So if that's the case, SEGA could also take advantage of the market and clean up with Nintendo. My advice to them is this: remake older games. The games that didn't do very well, the games that were good, but had bugs galore, the games that everyone likes, etc. Come out with a bang, IE a new Sonic game, Phantasy Star Online services canceled for the PSVita and made exclusive to the new home console and handheld. Motion control, motion control, motion control..... They need to take all the modern motion control tech, from the Wii's Motion+ and PS3's Move to the Xbox Kinect and combine them into the ultimate motion control where you get exact 1:1 control, and buttons, with no need for calibration.

As you probably know, SEGA released their last console, the Dreamcast in '98, and discontinued it in '01. Now since that was about eleven years ago, and Sony's PS2 was the main cause of the demise of the excellent, but underrated Dreamcast, it would make sense for them to release it soon so they can kill off the PS3. I wouldn't mind seeing SEGA and Nintendo be the only main ones in the console business. That way we could see what we've been missing these past years.

Now, I haven't been able to get any statements from SEGA regarding this, they still maintain that they had left the hardware business for good eleven years ago, but this is prime time, a golden age for those who can survive the inevitable crash that Sony, Microsoft, and EA will bring about if they keep up with these DLC models, DRM crap, and if they (Sony and MSFT) release locked consoles (single use codes that require constant internet connection and only let you play demos if you buy used) or if they go the way of the PSPgo and make them download only with no removable media. I am sure that if they do that, we will have a crash worse than in the '80s when Atari flooded the markets. Now, this is all speculation but if these rumors are true, there will be only two home consoles that anyone with a brain will buy: the Wii U, and SEGA's new home console, whatever it be named...

Now, since this is entirely speculation, and I can't find any mockups online, i can't reference anything, so it's all just conjecture and speculation. SEGA's keeping mum, and i have yet to get word from Sony or Microsoft as to the nature of their 8G home consoles, but like I said, it's not like there's anything ELSE being said about this particular topic (aside from Wii U news) isn't. I'm going to call Sony and Microsoft up and see if there's anything new about their home consoles. For now, enjoy the games you have, and look forward to the (hopefully) excellent games to come.