Sunday, July 15, 2012

Iron Man 3 suit

ima state this straight off: i really don't have much to say here, other than partially reporting my opinions on the new Iron Man armor, and then goes into my gripes about repaints and aesthetic changes further on. 

well, since Iron Man 3 is gonna come out someday soon and apparently this is what the suit is going to look like.

now i know i didn't think the Spider-Man suit redesign in The Amazing Spider-Man was necessary, but i don't think this suit remake is entirely needed. in TA Spider-Man they were starting from scratch, but this is more of mid-series redo to try and make it look cooler. they already HAVE a cool suit, why do we need a Silver Centurion remake in this new one? i mean unless this is for a specific purpose, this just seems well, sort of unnecessary. not that it's not cool looking, it is it's just it doesn't seem very needed in terms of the series unless they have a reason. oh well, it's pretty cool, but i will have to watch the movie to see why this has been made. at the rate they're going through suits they will have nearly the amount of suits that there are in the comics by Iron Man 4. eh, if this was a consumer product it wouldn't be all that good, but from my point of view right now it's like when Hasbro took the Vortex Praxis, repainted it, removed the shoulder stock, tacked on some LEDs and batteries to the clip, and called it the Lumitron.

notice any difference between the two here?

didn't think so. so, until i get more details on the new armor, all i know is that it looks like the Silver Centurion, and it's sort of like the mind-summon Bleeding Edge armor in the fact that he can summon it anywhere. i don't really know that much about it right now, so in conclusion, i know nothing more than i did before i wrote this article, and you probably only know that Iron Man has a new suit, and that it vaguely looks like  the Silver Centurion. yup, pretty much an article about nothing for now, but hey, at least i was clear about it. NERF Vortex Praxis review coming soon.