Wednesday, January 11, 2012

concerning the Xbox 720....

While I was browsing the internet, I stumbled upon this interesting image:

The Nintendo 64 controller started the meme/stereotype that gamers have three hands. This might start one that gamers have at least four. from what I can tell, this controller is modeled after the controller from the original Xbox has four or more joysticks, and two start buttons, along with eight face buttons, and numerous buttons of unknown function. Among the Xbox 720 designs I have seen this seems to be one of the more insane ones. Bellow is one that looks like a PC with Xbox printed on it:

Here's one that appear portable, but seems too big to use without a table:

These two appear to be modeled after some of the lesser known indy consoles:

This one just appears to be type-writer (if you don't know what that is, google it) keys stacked onto a hunk of plastic and metal and circuitry:
This particular model appears to do away with joysticks, and face buttons in favor of a touchscreen, arrow keys and a home key that may or may not be a personalized gamer key used to access the save game data.

The following appear to be Xbox 720s modeled after the original Xbox.

Tese appear to follow the same independence day-ish spaceship style.

This one appear to be a giant Xbox ball with legs:
This one appears to be a giant clear helmet with banks after banks of capacitors inside it with green lights at the sides

A few other pics:

I could probably do a whole SERIES of articles filled solely with the content of rumors of the eighth generation of videogame consoles, but seeing as Nintendo has already put out their eighth gen handheld, and are about to come out with their new home based console, the Wii U. and Sony is coming out with their eighth gen portable, the PS Vita, that leaves us with six questions: What will be the name of the next gen Xbox? Will Microsoft make the full version of Xbox LIVE free? Will Microsoft come out with an eighth gen (or ever, for that matter) handheld? What will the eighth generation Xbox hold in store? What will Sony do for their eighth gen home console? Will Sony and Microsoft come out with eighth gen consoles period? One thing is almost certain; that the final version of the eighth generation Xbox and PS4 won't be anything like what is being traded about on discussion boards and blogs. Well, until next time, Adios amigo!

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