Sunday, May 27, 2012

Internet Explorer 9

I was in Hotmail two days and i noticed that the ad they were playing said "A more beautiful web is 2.5X safer than Chrome 15"
The first thing I noticed wrong with that was, well, let the following screenshot explain itself:

I use chrome on a regular basis (all day everyday), it has an updater that runs a check when you start it up, and Chrome 20 is the Beta Chrome, it's current mainstream version is Version 19.0.1084.46.
Noting that, Chrome 15 is about a year out of date, and instead of releasing new versions of IE9, Microsoft just patches it, making it slow and bulky. Google stops releasing the old Chrome as soon as the new version is mainstreamed. Like I said, this is just wrong. IE 9 is about as old as Chrome 15, being released in the same year, only a few months apart. It's like saying that Windows 7 is "50 times sleeker, 100 times faster, and 40 times better than Commodore=64!"
And do you know what? I actually called microsoft to tell them about their error, they said they would forward it to the people who could handle this problem. I honestly don't think they're going to do anything, as the person didn't seem very concerned.
They should have checked on the version of Chrome before they published the ad.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Special K Cracker Chips

Special K cracker Chips

these chips are not very good. they're decent for low calorie chips, but the brown rice, soy flour, sesame flour, corn-meal and oat fiber combination winds up tasting quite odd. i really don't know why these are around. they're OK, i guess, but not as good as they would have you believe 

Friday, May 25, 2012

MIB3: The Men In Black are back!

Here's my write-up of the latest installment of the Men In Black series.

                                                                        Men In Black 3
Preliminary views:
I have been waiting for this since I read about the possibility of it on the MIB Wikipedia page! This movie is as good as, and better than the last two, totally epic!

this movie features an amazing cast, great writing, and effects that look so real, it just draws you into the movie. the first trailer i saw was a teaser a few years ago featuring J and K Neuralyzing a graffiti artist after one of the paintings on the wall comes to life. Unfortunately that wasn't in the movie. it might have been cut, i might have just been a teaser, either way the trailers and the movie are all very good.

(left to right, Brolin, Smith, Jones)

I just got out of the theater, and I'm still vibrating from the acoustics so forgive me if i don't get this together too cleanly. I'm gonna come back in the morning and clean it up.

Josh Brolin (left) made a great young K. Tommy Lee Jones (down, left) plays the part of the modern K quite nicely, as he always has. Will Smith (right on both) made an extremely cool J, as he did in the last two. Now, the opening was slick, clean, and as cool as the openings for the last two MIBs. I watched it in the new, Stereoscopic 3D if i'm not mistaken, in the places where there was a lot of contrast, like in MIB headquarters, or if the camera was moving very fast it would cause blurring. It kind of broke the magic, but only a few times, and not very often. Enough though, that they should have perfected it before they used it in an A3 (triple A) movie like this.

Aging has shown on Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, and only on Jones does it make him look old, although Jones looked old in the first two so I guess that's not much of a change.


The contrast of technologies from 2012 and 1969 is very amusing, and quite realistic considering. They take everything that is small and smooth in the first two, and make it large and rough. I'll bet they had to do some work on remaking everything they wanted to be slick and futuristic in the first two into something old and clunky. i like the idea that everything comes from aliens. like the Viagrans, the idea that all models are aliens, and that artists are undercover MIB agents. This movie rocks, simple as that. now, the sound went together quite nicely, some movies don't mix audio effects with the filming very well, but this one has top-notch sound quality.

Jemaine Clement (right) as Boris The Animal is a very hateable antagonist, his simple insanity leaves no room for any kind of affection except to himself, and even then he manages to find a way to keep hating. 'Cus haters gonna hate! anyways, Nicole Scherzinger (left) manages to kill lots of MIB personnel, and still remains a minor antagonist, seeing as she was only around for the first small portion of the movie.

Alice Eve (right) and Emma Thompson (not pictured) play 1969 O and 2012 O respectively, and Eve sounds and looks so much like Thompson that i honestly thought they were that Thompson was playing the young O. The charisma between actors is the glue that holds the movie together, if not for that, this would just be another movie about people jumping off buildings and shooting guns at each other. 
                      "The difference between me and a circus clown? I make this look good"

The high-tech unicycle was one of the coolest parts. Please note the above caption wasn't in the movie, I just figured it fit.

Michael Stuhlbarg (middle) plays a fifth-dimensional being who can see every possible outcome before it happens, and manages to be funny doing it!

All the various aliens are pretty cool. the makeup and 3D combo has taken aliens featured in film to a whole new level, compared to the 50s and 60s this is (no pun intended) space-age!

                                                   "You could do worse for your last meal"

One of my favorite parts of the movie was the shootout in the Chinese restaurant. The effects, the movement, the guns, everything was cool. been a while since i saw a pure western style shootout.

together the actors, directors, musicians, producers, and Steven Spielberg have put together a fine movie. 3D gets a 9.6* rating for its blurriness, which would probably not have happened in 2D. 2D probably gets a 
10.0* rating. I truly have no idea, since i only watched the 3D, but stereoscopic 3D is still young, they may perfect it so it does not blur so much, who knows. I need to wrap it up, seeing as it is 3:18 AM and I need a few hours of sleep. give me a bit, and I can elaborate. All in all great movie, great acoustics, great action, comedy, and charisma between actors. If the game, (MIB: Alien Crisis) is even half as good as the movie, it will be epic.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Finder

my review of this show was long overdue.

                                                                           The Finder

This show was simply too good to cancel. And yet they did it anyways. Two days ago as of this post FOX did cancel it. Thank you Rupert Murdoch.......  Anyways. The show is about a guy who is ex-military and finds things. His brain was injured in Iraq or Afghanistan so now he has to find stuff or something bad happens. His lawyer, Leo Knox always tells him how what he's doing is illegal. His girlfriend is a US Marshal and there's a gypsy girl who always.....   No, i'm not going to just analyze the show. Fact: this show is a spin off of Bones,  the best forensic drama on TV. Fact: it was created by Hart Hanson, he also created Bones. Fact: this show was a hit from the beginning and never should have been shoved into the death night. This show is good but for some reason it doesn't have what Ghost Whisperer had that kept it going in the death slot for years. This is, was, and will always be the second best show on TV, the best being it's parent show, Bones. This was everything i like in a cop show. It was funny. It was slick, it was the best show of it's kind. FOX made a huge mistake canceling this show. Just like they made a huge mistake with:

                                                                     The Good Guys:


                                                                      Human Target:
They were both good shows. Human Target was canceled after 2 seasons, The Good Guys after only one. after being in the Thursday slot for a while, they moved to Wednesdays, then finally to the death slot, where they were both canned. All great shows that were far too short lived. all three, wonderfully made, excellent premise, what else did they have in common? made by FOX, moved to the death slot a short time into their lifespan. If not for the fact that Fox has Bones on i would stop watching Fox altogether!

they all get a 10.1* rating. as for Fox in particular? 2.3* only Bones is keeping it out of the negatives. they and other networks seem to cancel off new and good shows like they're pruning hedges! whilst other, terrible shows continue to blunder on and annoy me to the highest extent they can! i for one cannot stand reality TV. i hate it when Castle is postponed for the "After the final Rose" or "after the dance" or whatever the hell they call it. these good shows have been canceled, while crap like Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol, The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, and Dancing With the Stars continues to blunder on and waste peoples time with something that is not even entertaining!!! it's a business, i get that. But for them to spew total crap for years on end is insane! if i was the head of CBS, ABC, and NBC i would have canceled The Bold and the Beautiful, All my Children, and Days of our Lives a long time ago!!!! the little bit of quality left on broadcast TV is gradually being weeded out and replaced by insane soap operas, and stupid reality shows, novelty game shows, and stuff like Modern Family!
                                                                    (END RANT)

In conclusion the few good shows on broadcast TV are endangered. Human Target was good enough it should have been picked up by another network, as is The Finder. It seems quantity of crap trumps quality of few. In the end semi-expensive quality will trump cheap quantity and those who preferred cheap quantity will regret killing off the quality. I hope......

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lego Zelda

Epic idea or what?

I just got word that Lego is reviewing the concept of a set series based on my favorite game series!

I'm thinking epic dungeon smashing battles between Link and Gannondorf! Lego Zelda? Yes please!

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