Friday, May 11, 2012

The Finder

my review of this show was long overdue.

                                                                           The Finder

This show was simply too good to cancel. And yet they did it anyways. Two days ago as of this post FOX did cancel it. Thank you Rupert Murdoch.......  Anyways. The show is about a guy who is ex-military and finds things. His brain was injured in Iraq or Afghanistan so now he has to find stuff or something bad happens. His lawyer, Leo Knox always tells him how what he's doing is illegal. His girlfriend is a US Marshal and there's a gypsy girl who always.....   No, i'm not going to just analyze the show. Fact: this show is a spin off of Bones,  the best forensic drama on TV. Fact: it was created by Hart Hanson, he also created Bones. Fact: this show was a hit from the beginning and never should have been shoved into the death night. This show is good but for some reason it doesn't have what Ghost Whisperer had that kept it going in the death slot for years. This is, was, and will always be the second best show on TV, the best being it's parent show, Bones. This was everything i like in a cop show. It was funny. It was slick, it was the best show of it's kind. FOX made a huge mistake canceling this show. Just like they made a huge mistake with:

                                                                     The Good Guys:


                                                                      Human Target:
They were both good shows. Human Target was canceled after 2 seasons, The Good Guys after only one. after being in the Thursday slot for a while, they moved to Wednesdays, then finally to the death slot, where they were both canned. All great shows that were far too short lived. all three, wonderfully made, excellent premise, what else did they have in common? made by FOX, moved to the death slot a short time into their lifespan. If not for the fact that Fox has Bones on i would stop watching Fox altogether!

they all get a 10.1* rating. as for Fox in particular? 2.3* only Bones is keeping it out of the negatives. they and other networks seem to cancel off new and good shows like they're pruning hedges! whilst other, terrible shows continue to blunder on and annoy me to the highest extent they can! i for one cannot stand reality TV. i hate it when Castle is postponed for the "After the final Rose" or "after the dance" or whatever the hell they call it. these good shows have been canceled, while crap like Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol, The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, and Dancing With the Stars continues to blunder on and waste peoples time with something that is not even entertaining!!! it's a business, i get that. But for them to spew total crap for years on end is insane! if i was the head of CBS, ABC, and NBC i would have canceled The Bold and the Beautiful, All my Children, and Days of our Lives a long time ago!!!! the little bit of quality left on broadcast TV is gradually being weeded out and replaced by insane soap operas, and stupid reality shows, novelty game shows, and stuff like Modern Family!
                                                                    (END RANT)

In conclusion the few good shows on broadcast TV are endangered. Human Target was good enough it should have been picked up by another network, as is The Finder. It seems quantity of crap trumps quality of few. In the end semi-expensive quality will trump cheap quantity and those who preferred cheap quantity will regret killing off the quality. I hope......