Sunday, July 22, 2012

How these movies could fail:

Just some thoughts on the possible and confirmed sequels, remakes, and crossover movies.

The movie adaptation of The Justice League AND Superman: The Man of Steel are going to fail unless:

The Man of Steel is a reboot of, and not a sequel to the Superman movies, which honestly were terrible.
If they don't reboot EVERY superhero in the JLA movie except Batman, because Christian Bale is the best Batman I have ever seen. And let's face it, lately DC superheroes haven't been doing so hot, with the obvious exception of Batman.

If they release it before the theoretical Batman 4 with somebody as Robin

Honestly, Warner Bros needs to take DCs comicbooks and movies as seriously as Marvel does. Otherwise they could fail epicly, and I mean like Batman and Robin type failure, times a hundred. With an ensemble cast, lots of special effects, tons of extras, and licensing costs from all kinds of brands and such down the drain..... I mean c'mon, if they screw this up, they might as well retire from movies altogether since they will lose so much money I doubt they could afford to make anything else.