Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hotmail Review:

i've been using Hotmail for a while now, it's pretty good, most of the features are either excellent or non-annoying. i never get any spam in my inbox, which is better than i can say for Yahoo! Mail where i get nearly 100 a week or 30-60 per day depending on the situation (grumble). anyways, most of the annoying things happen when Hotmail dumps game publisher newsletters into junk for no reason. strangely, it happens with nearly every Sony and Nintendo newsletter and never for Xbox stuff. i think there may be a subtle bit of marketing going on here in an attempt to make me only go for the Xbox and licensed Xbox games rather than Microsoft's competitors, but when i call them up to complain they'll probably deny it. oh well.  one more odd thing is that it would put stuff that i purposefully sent to myself and dump it in the Junk file, and stuff from the forum i created into junk as well so that's annoying, but i curbed that with autosort into files. if you get a lot of eMails from somewhere and want to keep them for future reference, but don't want to manually sort them (a real pain when i have to move lots of eMails from one folder to another) the sweep option lets you move all future messages to the folder of your choice so if you have a lot of invoices you don't want on your hard drive or the like, just sort them into a folder of your choice. if Yahoo! and Gmail had this feature i would use both of them more often but since i cannot find the feature with lots of attempts at finding it i have since given up. i have had the Yahoo! account for two years now, and i have gotten and deleted countless THOUSANDS of SPAM letters and unfortunately too many things (more than my Hotmail account) that i actually want have been sorted into spam wheras i have also gotten stuff from  the same senders that didn't go into spam, such as newsletters from lego or subscriptions to updates from a game company or the like. i hate it whn i have to sort through all the fake crap and go into the real stuff. i mean, Yahoo's spam guard/filter is nearly as bad as it's news, and that's saying something.

now, back on about Hotmail.

i have two Hotmail accounts, one personal, the other i dedicated to contacts for this blog. i tired quickly of swapping them so i decided to link them together. it works perfectly and all it takes is the click of a button to swap Hotmail accounts. if i could link my Yahoo!, Gmail, and Altfuse accounts to Hotmail, i would never use anything else. i also like the you can create aliases for Hotmail that enable you to send and receive from multiple eMails without ever needing to create extra hotmail accounts. i use them whenever i feel like utilizing an alternate eMail address. all in all, quite good except for the throwing lots of not-junk into the junk folder, and the fact that i cannot find any hotkeys for selecting and marking the eMails, which is pretty much Yahoo! Mails only good feature aside from the drag and drop eMail from folder to folder. 8.9* rating. room for improvement in some areas. Yahoo! and Gmail, and Altfuse review coming soon.