Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yammer sold to Microsoft for $1.2 BILLION!

who has heard of Yammer? not me, not until Microsoft bought it. it seems Microsoft has it's tentacles in everything. From gaming hardware, to computer hardware, eMail, IM, search engines.... i feel it's just copying google and Apple now. what do Yahoo!, Microsoft, google, Apple and facebook have in common?
eMail, social networks, apps for their respective platforms, etc. what does Apple, google, and Microsoft have in common? PCs, phones, eMail, social networks, tablets, and probably more coming soon for everything! it seems that the three Juggernauts are gong at it by buying up or just making their own of the services the competition has as well. Microsoft, you can do much better. google, Apple, and the rest of you? do the same. this is causing the people who use the services to be caught up in a war that really tortures us with all the new crap that they say is "better" and all the fanboys and fangirls for the respective services are taking up more and more internet space with flame-wars. stop, think, use common sense for once, and chuck the "mass customization" crap. we need better stuff, not more.

Friday, June 22, 2012


with some complaining about the small size of the 3DS, and nintendo wanting to make a better multi-media device out of an already very cool console, the 3DS XL was born. this new iteration of the already numerously colored 3DS is the eighth generation DS lite. it solves problems like low battery life, low-capacity included memory, small screen size, and hopefully other issues. i do hope that the above image is not of the finished product, seeing as most likely the new form factor will not support the Circle-pad Pro. hopefully the new 3DS will include the second joy-stick, and the two zL and zR triggers. aside from what looks like a cosmetic re-design, it would appear that old 3DS accessories will not work with the new disign, seeing as the headset port is to the left,rather than in the center, the screens are bigger, and most likely the existing cases will not fit. this had better bring more than just a large screen and a cosmetic lift because it pretty much invalidates the older accessories. people shouldn't eBay their 3DS orginals just yet, wait and see if they integrate the accessories like Circle-pad

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3 2012

i'm just gonna jump right in:

Nintendo's new console, showcased at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo has a great lineup of games planned, and the HD graphics means that it will be on par (and better) than the current, already outdated PS3 and Xbox 360. i have said this before, as long as Sony and Microsoft try to prolong the life of the already outdated (and either expensive, long term costly, or stupid) consoles they have now, Sony and MSFT will need to drop out or wait for the next gen of consoles. if the WiiU runs Flash 11 in the browser, that means that Netflix, Hulu+ and other pay to view streaming video services (especially on Xbox 360) are going to die. honestly i can't wait for the Motion+ remake of Twilight Princess in full HD. but even if they don't release that, they still have a good starting lineup. i even hear that Skyrim is going to be ported to Wii U with enhancements (graphically and otherwise) that PS3 and Xbox 360 could not handle. The Wii U gamepad, with the touchscreen LCD will make multiplayer competitive games (FPS, Racing, card games, and anything else where you would prefer to only have you be the person who can see your screen) much more competitive, and probably more fun. the starting lineup (so far) is listed below

                                                     Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition
this features all previously released DLC (downloadable content) along with an entirely new game, Harley Quinns revenge. i was holding out on getting this until the 8G port although i have to admit that i was tempted by the graphics chip that offered a free copy (or was that Arkham Asylum?) either way, the new Batman game should be better than the latest comics if it is half as good as it looks.

                                                              TANK! TANK! TANK!
this game seems sort of like a cross between the tank stage in Goldeneye 007 and Mario Party. i have to admit, i'm tempted by the brightly colored "blow things up and be a tank" game by Namco Bandai, but it's not something i would normally get unless it was bundled with something.

 from the cell-shading it appears to be in the style of Wind Waker. not that that's a turn-of, but it's interesting to know. we haven't had a "be a tank" game in a few years so i guess this will have to do.

                                                     New Super Mario Bros.
one has to wonder whether we really need another port of New Super Mario Bros. unless there is a new story-line and extra features this game probably isn't worth it if you have the Wii or DS version. graphics aside, an enhanced port is still a port, meaning you can get the same game (and seeing as they will run on the same system you don't need two of them) for cheaper. unless this is paired with the WiiU i am guessing it might not do very good if it's just a port of the original.

                                                                    Mass Effect 3

i haven't had very good experiences with EA lately. SW:TOR tried to eat my graphics chip and Madden keeps clogging used game bins and eBay so i can never find what i want. also, they have a very bad reputation with gamers in general. the DLC they offer isn't always full expansions, more like content developed DURING the main game and then withheld to make extra money. don't get me wrong, Bioware has done some great games, but EA ruins them. considering the similarities to the Dragon Age series (not too similar, they share certain qualities) and the tiny side-quests released as DLC i wouldn't recommend a purchase unless the WiiU version has all previously released DLC. i'm sorry, but it's hard to get over hate from EA and focus on the games when it's entirely probable they managed to screw them up.  now, the open-endedness of the game, the Sci-Fi/cyberpunk theme and the fact that it's and RPG alone makes it something worth borrowing from a friend or the library or renting before you buy it. honestly everyone has to decide for themselves whether they like it or not. i have seen whole groups of people hate, love, and be mediocre about a game i thought was great, or vice-versa. all in all i will try this if i have the chance but EA makes me weary of it.

                                                                 Assassins's Creed III
with a story that appeals to me as well as an alternate history theme i think this will be a great game. Ubisoft has done good so far, and i won't be surprised if this works its way to the top. as Connor, a Native American in 1775 Colonial America you experience the revolutionary war from a ground level. considering the endless possibilities the Wii U Gamepad can supply control should be easy. seeing as the WiiU is the only 8G home console with this on it (and coupled with new tech it should be better than PS3 and Xbox 360 versions) i am guessing that ACIII will boost WiiU sales

                                                             Lego City: Undercover
honestly i prefer actual LEGOs to Lego video-games, but i the premise of this is both interesting and goofy, as with all Lego games. i like the idea, and it seems OK so i might try it but i don't want to get it right off.

from the looks of it Nintendo Land is the Wii U's Mario Party. it utilizes all the new technology they have integrated into the WiiU and uses themes and ideas from all the nintendo franchises. it looks like a good multiplayer party game and not at all one i would pass up. the section i am most looking forward to?

sure, it looks more cartoony than Poke'Mon Anime and Wind Waker combined but hey, it's still close to Zelda, and Zelda is my favorite series. this offers something for everyone and appears to be a good multiplayer game from what i can tell.

Sounds like Skyrim with other characters. honestly i can't get too excited by this due to the overload of open-ended action RPGs that have flooded the market lately. it sounds cool, but without playing it you can't tell whether or not its a unique game or just a clone. sorry, but even though it seems like something i'd play, it's not exactly unique at it's core.