Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yammer sold to Microsoft for $1.2 BILLION!

who has heard of Yammer? not me, not until Microsoft bought it. it seems Microsoft has it's tentacles in everything. From gaming hardware, to computer hardware, eMail, IM, search engines.... i feel it's just copying google and Apple now. what do Yahoo!, Microsoft, google, Apple and facebook have in common?
eMail, social networks, apps for their respective platforms, etc. what does Apple, google, and Microsoft have in common? PCs, phones, eMail, social networks, tablets, and probably more coming soon for everything! it seems that the three Juggernauts are gong at it by buying up or just making their own of the services the competition has as well. Microsoft, you can do much better. google, Apple, and the rest of you? do the same. this is causing the people who use the services to be caught up in a war that really tortures us with all the new crap that they say is "better" and all the fanboys and fangirls for the respective services are taking up more and more internet space with flame-wars. stop, think, use common sense for once, and chuck the "mass customization" crap. we need better stuff, not more.