Friday, June 22, 2012


with some complaining about the small size of the 3DS, and nintendo wanting to make a better multi-media device out of an already very cool console, the 3DS XL was born. this new iteration of the already numerously colored 3DS is the eighth generation DS lite. it solves problems like low battery life, low-capacity included memory, small screen size, and hopefully other issues. i do hope that the above image is not of the finished product, seeing as most likely the new form factor will not support the Circle-pad Pro. hopefully the new 3DS will include the second joy-stick, and the two zL and zR triggers. aside from what looks like a cosmetic re-design, it would appear that old 3DS accessories will not work with the new disign, seeing as the headset port is to the left,rather than in the center, the screens are bigger, and most likely the existing cases will not fit. this had better bring more than just a large screen and a cosmetic lift because it pretty much invalidates the older accessories. people shouldn't eBay their 3DS orginals just yet, wait and see if they integrate the accessories like Circle-pad