Saturday, July 28, 2012

Realm of the Mad God

well, Kabam came out with a new game, from the title you can probably guess it's called "Realm of the Mad God"

it's a game that uses old-looking graphics, like the type you saw on the NES

this is the loading screen. it has considerable lag for a game like this. do they store the game assets on ancient CDs and old drives?

the tutorial take up an entire stage. it doesn't patronize you like some games do, (*glares at Angry Birds*)

ok, (*this is easy*)

simple enough.....

the graphics are pretty cool, retro style stuff always makes me feel good.

i got hit a few times here.

there is a stage where to shoot at chickens and have to kill the chicken god (giant red rooster) but i forgot to take screenshots of it. i did, however, remember to take a screenshot of the final part of the stage:

there's an "I'm still alive" joke here somewhere......

now, i didn't take too many screenshots from the game after i entered the portal. the one main thing that happened was this:

Perma-death, YAY! I FREAKIN' HATE PERMA-DEATH!!!!!!!

so far this game is pretty good. aside from perma-death it incorporates the elements of Third-Person Shooter and top-down RPG quite nicely, but if i have to create a new character every time i die, instead of a respawn i need to create a new PC (player-character) all the time (especially with bosses) will make it hard to impossible to get any progress in the game.

this is somewhere. it doesn't say where. it leads to the Nexus, which is a lobby/bazaar of sorts.

this is all for now. more in-depth review Sunday!

BTW: here's the link to the game: