Saturday, July 21, 2012

what i want from the video-game industry part #1: Nintendo.

there's quite a bit of flurry going on about the next generation of consoles. with rumors of SeGa reentering the race since 2006, mockups and digital counterfeits of the 8G Xbox running around the internet, and still no news about the PS4, we all turn to Nintendo for the new hardware: Namely Wii U and 3DS XL:

now, you all probably know what the Wii U is already so i'm going to skip the description. you might also know they plan to have HD remakes of gamecube classics like Metroid Prime and Rogue Squadrom 2&3. But, here's something that would make it a winner from the start:

What i want from the Wii U:

3D HD Motion+ remakes of the following:
yeah, i realize i listed every home console Zelda game save for Skyward Sword. yeah, i realize they would have to totally remake three of them at least. and yeah, i realize that would take a very long time. doesn't keep me from wishing though. in the meantime i'm gonna get to modding my N64 with a Bluetooth module so i can actually swing my sword LIKE A SWORD! now, nintendo has a lot on its plate right now, so i don't expect these, it's just what i want.

less DRM:
let's be honest, everyone wants this with everything. not that nintendo is one to go for DRM, just needs to be said

more physical releases than digital ones and decent DLC:
what i mean by that is that i do not want them to have many digital games released so we can still resell them, and decent DLC means not charging for things that should be unlockables or charging to paint a gun/armor/hat/item a different color.

Nintendo to buy Rareware back from Microsoft:

why? because then Nintendo could get Perfect Dark back on it's consoles and stop Microsoft from republishing any more Nintendo classics. ok, let's be honest, that's not ENTIRELY the reason, simply put: Rare makes great games. if Nintendo buys them back at at least 51% stock, Microsoft will have a good deal of its thunder taken away.

SEGA to sell to Nintendo:

i know this might sound unreasonable, and even impossible, but in the end it's what we all want.
why? because we would finally get the true SEGA/Nintendo crossover game we deserve.
now, with rumors spreading about a new SEGA console and SEGA employees acting strange when you ask about the possibility of them coming out with a new console this may never happen, but it would be Nintendo's and SEGA's saving grace if they merged or it Nintendo bought out SEGA.

for now that's it. join us soon for another installment of what i want from the video-game industry!