Saturday, January 21, 2012

Catch .44

This movie sucks, simple as that. If I had bought it, rather than rented it, I would have gotten a refund. If I had found it in the trash, I would have returned it to the trash. This movie starts with Bruce Willis saying that he did not trust the person from the point of view of the camera. Then three girls are talking at a table in a diner. After some strange chit-chat (and not to little swearing like sailors) they pull out guns and start shooting. After the scene is replayed several times within the first 40 minutes, two of the girls are dead, and all of the other people in the diner join them.
Someone who has killed the sheriff and dressed in his clothes, and some rube with a shotgun join the melee. That's as far as I got. This movie got really stupid, really fast.
Now normally I like Bruce Willis movies, Die Hard, The Whole 9 Yards, Surrogates, RED, etc, but this was NOT a good movie. It lasts 90 minutes, and I'll bet that the average viewer can last about 40, 45 possibly 60 at most. Hell, I'd even bet that the reason the Wikipedia page for Catch .44 is a stub is because no one took the time to watch the whole thing!
Also, I'm pretty sure this broke Scar Face's record for most expletives in a movie within the first few minutes. This movie is NOT recommended

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