Tuesday, April 3, 2012

almond butter and tortillas

I've been using the almond butter for a few years now and it tastes great! Better than most peanut butters (that aren't homemade) unfortunately it's in a small jar, and kind of expensive, so I'm working on hauling out the peanut-butter machine and some roasted almonds for some really good and cheap almond butter. In the meantime this serves it's purpose. It goes good on a tortilla with either honey or your favorite jelly. No, you did not read that wrong.
this gets a 7.0* rating for taste, quality, but the fact that it costs so much and is so small it gets several points deducted

I eat that almond butter on a mission tortilla with honey. The tortillas are a nice alternative to bread, and serve almost any purpose: from Mexican food, to thin pizza crust, to sandwich wraps, and grilled cheeses (quesadillas if you like) you can get the large packs and they last a long time. don't worry about them going to waste since they can be used for almost everything. 10.0*

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