Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Resident Evil

Resident Evil came out on the PSX in 1996 by Capcom, it was one of the first PSX games to be rated M, and one of my least favorite games
I started the game as Chris Redfield to match my rule of only play characters of my gender, skipped the FMV because my PlayStation was a model that didn't process them right, and started playing.
Right off I wondered why Chris didn't have a gun, he is of course a cop on a rescue mission.
Only later did I find out that he had dropped his gun in the original opening sequence, and that it made no difference that I couldn't see the FMV.
I was immediately shocked by the lack of logic to the controls, a tank variation that makes it had to move around, I was given a controller configuration screen and somehow it glossed over the fact that Square was run, and from that point on I was astounded by how slow Chris walked, and by how little that the buttons had been used, we've got start, X, Square, R1, and the joypad/left analog stick, Capcom seemed to be trying to make an SNES game by the limiting of the controls, or worse, a 3DO game. Would it have been too hard to assign "Attack" to R2? The first time I tried attacking I was trying to use R2, because you'd think that "Fire" would be one of the trigger buttons, but Capcom is as logical in its control schemes as it is storytelling. Even the Dualshock revision only helps a minor bit by not having you wear your thumb out trying to play a 3D game with a direction pad. I played the Chris Redfield portion with both the standard PSX pad and that ASCIIWare one you saw in my fifth generation feature. Anyways, I died as Chris because there wasn't so much as an in-game tutorial to teach me the controls and I gave up on the game as unplayable. After some googling I found that Jill Valentine starts out with a gun! So I decided that when I started the game a second time I would play as Jill. This was after I had gotten a PSone (With Dualshock) and played some Metal Gear Solid and Chrono Cross.
Let me summarize this for you Capcom, the right analog stick exists for a reason other than just for decoration, you could have made the game playable and maybe enjoyable if you had used the right analog stick for character rotation instead of leaving it unused, the perspectives are hard to get used to, and the entire control scheme needs to be a bit more spread out, you could have primary, secondary, and tertiary weapons at your command for all the buttons you left unused, and why didn't you remap "run" to L3 when adding dualshock support? It would have made sense and given me one less thing to find wrong with the game. Now we come to the fact that they didn't take the opportunity when the Director's Cut came around to fix the translation or put in the rest of the FMV that they cut out or make it in color, I thought that Chris Redfield was an idiot who forgot to bring his gun to the middle of nowhere on a rescue mission, I didn't know that he HAD DROPPED HIS GUN running from mutant creatures, if I had known that I wouldn't have ragged on him not having a gun. With all the zombies, mutants, and stuff in the game they actually thought that SMOKING was something they had to cut from the opening?
 Then there's the fact that the game seems like a low budget indie title released late in the lifespan of the PlayStation by an unknown developer as their first game instead of an early 5th generation title by CAPCOM no less.
Now, if the game had used a more common third person perspective instead of fixed camera angles as it did, this article wouldn't be nearly as long, or as negative. In fact, they could have KEPT the tank controls if they had made the camera a follow-behind and given you some kind of first person perspective, they had more than enough buttons even on the PSX launch pad to do that. Tank controls are perfectly FINE if they're implemented properly, but Resident Evil team passed that up in favor of annoying camera angles that try to enhance the "Horror" aspect of "Survival Horror", which the game also fails at miserably. I wasn't expecting a zombie dog to jump in the window as I was walking down the hallway, and that startled me. But I was in no way scared by it.
Back to the controls, someone will probably comment saying that I just don't like tank controls, or I think they belong in driving games (Not entirely untrue), but as I said earlier, tank controls are perfectly fine if implemented properly. In fact, I can list several games that AREN'T driving games that implement tank controls better than Resident Evil: Resident Evil: Survivor, 007: Tomorrow Never Dies (Again, right analog stick people), Resident Evil: Revelations, Perfect Dark, and Goldeneye 64.
You might say that I just don't like Resident Evil, but I did mention RE:Revelations and the first Gun Survivor game in that list.
Now, I have a hard time classifying this game in my head, it definitely doesn't fit into the "Classic" category that Metal Gear Solid, Ocarina of Time, and Sonic 2 do, but I can't decide whether to put it in "over-hyped over-blown but unique" with DooM, Earthbound, Goldeneye 64, and the 2D Mario games, or just chuck it in with the rest of the pure crap in the "Highly over-rated and beyond stupid" box with Slender, Imscared, Minecraft, Angry Birds, Farmville, The Sims, Virtual Villagers, the Madden series, and World of Warcraft.
I'll have to say you're better off getting the Wii port of the GameCube REmake, or the original GameCube remake for the simple fact that the controllers are much better and everything about it is better from the graphics and FMVs to actors and voice-acting, I'm not planning an LP but if I get a free copy I won't hesitate to stick it in my Wii and fire up the camera.
Do I recommend it? Play the game and make up your own mind, since liking it is hit or miss depending on what kind of person you are, what you like in a game, how much patience you have, and how much you're willing to put up with from a game.
I can't rate this game unfortunately, it's too half and half for me. If they had fixed the control issues it would have been a decent game, but they didn't to my knowledge, and I am 100% certain that if Nintendo had forced Capcom to use the Zelda engine for the remake that it would have been a thousand percent better.
Cya tomorrow, I think I've got something planned.