Sunday, September 29, 2013

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

There are hardly words to describe it. Call of Duty gets a bad rep, but it doesn't really deserve it. As with Modern Warfare 2, I couldn't help but enjoy myself whilst playing this game. Although I finished the campaign in just under eight hours, I really enjoyed it. Nothing was wasted, although I did get a tad bit tired of replaying certain stages of the campaign over and over. You play as Sergeant John "Soap" MacTavish of the SAS throughout most of the game, although in some areas you play as Sergeant Paul Jackson of the US Marines. As with MW2, I preferred playing as the SAS, because of the same inexplicable reasons. The first mission is starkly reminiscent of the Tanker stage of Metal Gear Solid 2, right down to the ship. I think this is going to be a fairly short review, but I said most of what needs to be said in my MW2 review. The stealth is tense, the action is intense, and there are even a few parts where you play as characters who serve no real purpose, but it's perfect. The damage effects on the GUI are more primitive than the ones in MW2, but I like them all the same, if not more. I pretty much like every bit of the game, because even if I tried out a tactic that didn't really work I didn't have very far to go back to respawn at. Some might say that's a bad thing, but it's not always. Not if it's used right, and this used it right. Despite the regenerating health, non-reflective mirrors/metal/water, and occasional thing that was out of place (Such as if you look down you don't see legs, you just see ground), it really does seem realistic, in more ways that just graphics. The main antagonist sounds like he'd be the leader of an extremist group. The way stuff happens in the game, it just sits well with me. I like the game, I like how it gives you stuff to do and ways to do it, I like how it ends solidly, but leaves you open for more if you want it. I like most stuff about this game. I would heartily recommend playing this BEFORE MW2, unlike what I did. I figure I can give this game a 9.9* rating, it's great, and no matter what system you get it for I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I personally played it on the Xbox 360 and I have to say that everything from the control-scheme to the GUI is great. Nowadays I find myself having to configure the controls to be as similar to this game as they can be in order to be comfortable with them. Despite its bad rep and DLC practices, Activision did a good job on this game, and it's a good enough job to earn my praise. I was thinking of something else to say, what was it...... I can't bring it to memory.... OH! There it is! I used to not like the control-scheme used in the CoD series. First game I played on the Xbox 360 was Black Ops II Zombies, and I couldn't break muscle-memory from other FPS's, but I eventually got around to liking it. The thing is, even though I don't approve of their corporate practices, the fact still remains that Call of Duty 4 is a good game, and no amount of personal bias can subvert me liking a game. I'll see you guys next week, for  now here's my CoD4 playthrough: