Sunday, March 23, 2014

YouTube for 3DS

Okay, so I've been getting a lot of use out of the YouTube app on my 3DS recently, so I figured I might as well give my thoughts on it.

I downloaded the first version of the YouTube app for 3DS a while ago and now I'm starting to wish I hadn't updated. I should probably explain from the beginning. You see, before they updated it the app had a few minor issues, but it's not as bad as it is now. The update fixed the few issues with the first or second version of the app, but over time it's been crashing more and more and more. Which is odd, now isn't it? You see, all I really use this for is comedy videos and watching TV shows on the go. Well, I say on the go. What I mean is that I use it to watch Power Rangers while I wait for my Dungeons and Dragons group to show up. Anyways, it seems like it takes longer every day for a video to load, the app tends to crash a lot, and there seem to be more problems arising each day as it becomes less and less stable, which is a shame because it's a competent port of the YouTube mobile app. While the video looks a little too pixelated even on HQ sometimes, it's workable. At least it exists.
There's no support for 3D videos, but then again that's not a real big problem now is it? I tend to leave my 3D off anyways since I don't particularly care about it. But then again, it'd be cool if it had that option. My main problem with this is that there's an option to not allow people to watch your videos on mobile, which to my knowledge hasn't been enabled on my videos. You see, aside from that there's not really any problem with this other than what's been going on with the crashes. For what it is it's functional.
Since it's free I'd say you should download it if you don't have a more stable mobile version on another device. There's not a lot to say about it, other than that they need to update it and fix the stability issues.

Now, I have a few things that I should have said last week that I forgot to. First thing: I only played as Maverick, so for all I know I'm missing out on all the rest of the game. Second: The helmets are all generic and don't have the likeness of the actors, in addition to the voice clips sounding like they were computer generated or having a voice-actor trying to do an impression of all the actors from Top Gun smashed into one, then had the sound quality smashed down to almost robotic levels, or worse, bitcrushed like the voice-clips on NES games. And third: There's no first-person view. Boom. Yeah, a flying game has no way to change the camera except by accelerating. Good god. So, I'll see you next week with a better review, because I know this was REALLY short and hardly a read that necessitated a week-long wait.