Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.

At Worlds End is a 2007 swashbuckler fantasy film, and the last movie in the original Pirates trilogy, and an immediate sequel to Dead Man's Chest. If you remember the ending to that movie, then you should know that they killed the most popular character in the series and brought back the most definitely dead villain from Curse of the Black Pearl. Given what Hollywood has stooped to in the past to continue a series, this isn't the worst possible way to keep something going. Especially since they had a decent amount of foreshadowing to the twists.
Since Jack is dead and the Pearl has been sunk, the menace of Davy Jones has been running around the seas exterminating pirates. And apparently Jack is a member of the nine pirate lords, along with Barbossa. Barbossa brings in another of the pirate lords, Sao Feng to help find the entrance to Davy Jone's locker, where Jones keeps the people he's killed.
This raises the question as to why Jack and Barbossa are two of the nine pirate lords. Granted, you could just say they were in the right place at the right time, but that's just too much coincidence for two people to be named successors to two dying pirate lords, and also leads you to wonder why Jack didn't take Barbossa's piece of eight when he killed him in Curse of the Black Pearl. Unless this all happened between Curse and Chest. Knowing Disney it probably did and it was in a game or a novel that I didn't even know existed. Or I could just be trying to read too much into something that's trying to frame up more sweet action scenes for me to enjoy.
As far as the plot goes, it never really lost me anywhere. It got really contrived at points, but it's not like it took away from my enjoyment of the swashbuckling action and the humor of it all. I know that a massively complicated plot in a series like this essentially comes straight from nowhere, and I can see why a lot of people might not like that. It kind of muddled things for me, but I kind of liked it.
I know that plot points essentially come straight from nowhere and act like they've been there forever. Like the whole Pirate Lord thing, or the Brethren Council. Or for that matter, Barbossa being alive, why Tia Dalma, the random voodoo woman who happens to be an old friend of Jack is the woman that the Brethren Court imprisoned however many centuries before the events of any of the movies, Calypso. WHY is she Calypso? I guess it makes for a decently tight plot, and I've seen bigger coincidences in film history I suppose. Things that I haven't even addressed, and that get dismissed for the sake of the rest of the movie. Like A New Hope, or the first Pirates movie. There are many more, but I don't want to just fill space.
While At Worlds End's plot is so grandiose you'd think it was put together by George Lucas, it still doesn't take a lot away from the action and comedy. It's still heavy with all that makes it a good movie. Personally it's not how I would have handled it, but it still makes for a satisfying conclusion to the first trilogy. After the first two movies it makes for an extremely satisfying finisher to an epic series. While it's a little confusing, I'd still recommend watching it. It makes for an epic conclusion to the stories of Will and Elisabeth, and makes for a good continuation into the fourth movie.
And I guess you could say that it's similar to Return of the Jedi. It goes all out on everything. Special effects, the music, the action, the everything. I love it. It's still really great to watch and it holds up against a lot of movies that were made more recently with worse special effects and less cohesive plots. Not necessarily all in one movie, obviously. I haven't come across many like that in my film watching, but they exist.
All in all, I liked it. It's not as good as Curse, but it's still entertaining. I give it a 6.9* rating
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