Sunday, August 31, 2014

My top eleven casting choices for the inevitable Star Trek: The Next Generation remake.

So it's pretty much a given that they're going to be remaking The Next Generation someday, so I figured I'd list out the top eleven actors I would personally cast in the roles of my favorite Enterprise crew. I will be going in order of Starfleet rank.

So after a couple of days of deliberation, I've decided to rethink my placement. My original choices will be listed under the current ones.

#11: Wil Wheaton as Q
My original choice seems fairly questionable since Chris O'Donnel is more suited for the role of a cop than a malevolent omnipotent deity. Wil Wheaton would probably be able to play that a lot better.

Original choice: Chris O'Donnel.

I was wondering who I should pick as Q, but in the end I settled on Chris O'Donnel because I've seen him actually acting and he can act despite what Joel Schumacher put him through in both of the Batman movies he was in. In fact, I would say that both of the latter two original Batman movies could have been good if they hadn't had Schumacher at the helm.

#10: Morgan Freeman as Guinan.

The only real alternative to him that I can see is Whoopie, but I would really like to see Morgan Freeman in a Star Trek movie.

#9: Logan Lerman as Ensign Wesley Crusher

To be perfectly honest, I couldn't think of anybody to play Wesley. Freddie Highmore was on my list, but be doesn't look enough like a young Wil Wheaton to fill the role.
Logan Lerman was not the number one pick for this role, but I can't really find anyone else about the right age who also looks the part.

Original choice: Andrew Garfield.
Andrew Garfield does a good job at looking like he's in his mid teens despite being 31, which is why I picked him as Wesley. I was originally going to put The Rock as Wesley just for laughs, but I decided against it.

#8: Shemar Moore as Geordi La Forge

To be perfectly honest, this is my moms suggestion, but I can't really think of anyone aside from LeVar Burton I would rather have in the role, and Shemar seems like he could fit in the role. He's a little more suited to Worf in body-type, but I can't really see him doing the voice.

#7: LL Cool J as Lt. Worf.

I would have liked to see Michael Clarke Duncan as Worf, but he's dead. I would also love to see Morgan Freeman in the role, but I picked LL Cool J because I figured he fits the body-type, and I can see him doing the voice.

#6: Scarlet Johanson as Lt. Natasha Yar.

Scarlet Johanson has proven in The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier that she can play badass, and Tasha Yar was very badass. I like me some sexy badass women.

#5: Johnny Lee Miller as Lt. Commander Data Soong.
When I was thinking about people who look like Brent Spiner, Johnny Lee Miller sprung to mind. I figure that he might make a good Data. Data is personally my favorite character from Star Trek TNG, and I would hope that Miller would be able to play the role well.

#4: Emma Watson as Commander Deanna Troi.

Emma Watson was the first person who came to my mind when I thought "Deanna Troi in a TNG remake" and I would love to see her in that role.

#3: Karen Gillan as Commander Beverly Crusher, MD.

It was taking me a long time to figure out who I wanted to play Dr. Crusher, but when I read that the characters ancestors were from Scotland Karen Gillan immediately sprung to mind.
While it's somewhat questionable given my original casting choice for Wesley, you have to remember that Karen looks like she could be forty or fifty despite actually being several years younger than Andrew Garfield.

#2: Andrew Garfield as Commander William Thomas Riker.
My rethinking on this is very simple, Andrew Garfield looks a lot more like William T. Riker pre- beard and I presume he would have better chemistry with Emma Watson.

Original choice: Wil Wheaton.

I noticed this while watching TNG the other night, Wil Wheaton nowadays looks a lot like Johnathan Frakes did in the 80s. All you'd need to do is style his hair a little differently.
As far as my original choices go, Wil Wheaton is still on my list for people I'd like to have playing that character.

#1: Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Because let's face it, the man has not aged a single day in the last thirty years. And he could easily still play my personal favorite Enterprise captain.
Side note, Jean-Luc Picard was the twentieth result on Memory Alpha when I looked up "Captain Picard"

So, what did you think? Do you have any suggestions or comments?