Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a 2013 film based on the 1939 short story. Directed by and starring Ben Stiller, I did not expect this to be any good.
Surprisingly, it was.
Ben Stiller is actually a really good actor amazingly despite how typical his characters usually are.
It's about a chronic daydreamer, by the name of Walter Mitty.
He works at Life magazine where he processes photographs, working with one of Life's top photojournalist, Sean O'Connell. (Played by Sean Penn)
O'Connell has sent in a set of negatives to Walter, saying that they should use the twenty-fifth slide as the cover for the last issue of Life.
Life magazine has been bought out by some online venture-capitalist group who are planning to transition to a Life Online format and who want to downsize the company.
The guy (Name of Ted Hendricks) who is supposed to facilitate the transition is a complete and total jerk. He looks like that character from The Hunger Games movie with the sculpted beard.
The twenty-fifth slide is missing, so Walter decides to start looking for O'Connel. With some help from a co-worker named Cheryl Melhoff, he determines that O'Connel probably sent them in from Greenland.
I should probably talk about Walter's daydreaming. He starts off the movie fantasizing about rescuing his crush, Cheryl's dog from an exploding building and fashioning a prosthetic leg for it on the way down the stairs while he's waiting for the train.
He also imagines himself marrying Cheryl and aging backwards like Benjamin Button.
Anyways, he flies off to Greenland and talks to a bartender, who tells him that O'Connel took a chopper off to a boat a while ago.
Walter gets to the ship, where he learns that O'Connel has departed for Iceland.
He trades for a skateboard and uses it to traverse a town in Iceland, and this is a pretty cool scene, him remembering how to skateboard after thirty years. He's forced to return to New York, where he's fired from his job and appears to have no shot with his love interest.
His mother tells him where Sean has gone, noting that he was daydreaming the last time she told him.
So Walter goes on a trip to the Himalayas to meet with O'Connel, who tells him where to find the missing slide.
Mitty flies to LA, and then back to New York, where he delivers the slide and berates Hendricks for the disrespect he's shown the employees and the magazine during the transition.
Walter reunites with Cheryl, and they buy a copy of the last issue of Life.
I have not done the plot any kind of justice. It being the story of a chronic daydreamer who goes on a real adventure around the world, it sounds a little uninteresting. All of the promotional material made it out to be a movie that was just about a daydreamer, and that's why I thought it wasn't going to be very good. Surprisingly it was, and I do recommend it to anybody with a DVD player.
All in all, I give it a 9.8* rating..
I'll see you next week with Resident Evil!