Sunday, June 21, 2015

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is a Marvel movie. It's based on a Marvel comic of the same name, which I unfortunately have not read.
Thing is that you'd never know that by looking at the posters or trailers for the film, or indeed, even the film itself. Unlike the other movies based on Marvel comics, it doesn't have the iconic comic-flipping Marvel logo before the film starts.
In fact, Marvel isn't even mentioned until a ways into the credits, alongside Joe Quesada and Jeph Loeb, who are both Marvel guys.
The main studio that's mentioned is Man of Action, of Ben 10 fame. They created the original characters of Big Hero 6, which apparently are fairly different from the ones in this movie.
Again, I wouldn't know, so I think it's time to move on to the actual film itself.
Big Hero 6 won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.
No, I can't quite do better than that. Big Hero 6 damn well deserved that award. I still stand by what I said about The Lego Movie, though. It should have at least been nominated for Best Animated Feature at the very least, and it was definitely a top contender for Best Picture.
Mind you, 2014 is looking like another 2012 so far. Pretty much just good movie after good movie as far as I can tell.
Let's go ahead and talk effects, to start. The hair and cloth effects are among the best I've ever seen, but they look kind of strange in contrast with the cartoony bodies and faces. They look like they should be in a Final Fantasy game, except that the characters actually have practical outfits for both civilian clothing and superhero outfits.
Mind you, some of the outfits are kinda weird. Not badly designed, just oddly colored.
For instance, GoGo Tomago's superhero outfit is bright yellow, despite her civilian clothing being a whole lot of black and purple. Yes, it's apparently like that in the comics, but that doesn't make it any less odd.
The rest of them are fine, since most of their superhero outfits match their civilian color-schemes.
My issue with GoGo's suit is just that the bright yellow seems to clash with her personality and regular choices of color.
I don't usually like yellow as a primary color-scheme for anything (Bumblebee excluded) since it tends to look pretty garish and usually clashes with the colors of the other characters. If a character's colors are entirely yellow (Such as in Power Rangers, or the aforementioned Transformers example) it can look good, but GoGo looks better in purple and black.
Hiro Hamada, seen above and to the left on the Big Hero 6 poster I used for the review, gets the purple outfit.
See, this makes a little bit of sense, but it would make more sense if he'd gotten a dark-blue suit with red highlights and if GoGo had gotten the purple and black suit. And then, give the yellow suit to Honey Lemon (Or just make her suit orange and ditch the yellow altogether) and we'd have all of the design issues ironed out.
Now, back to the effects.
Everything looks good, and I didn't notice any issues. The animation looks good, as is expected from Walt Disney Animation. I expected perfection from them and they delivered.
So, now that that's out of the way I'm gonna talk some about the story.
While it's a good one, it isn't quite as good as that of The Lego Movie. Yes, Big Hero 6 has good characters, a decent plot and great visual-design, but it doesn't have the same subversive quality The Lego Movie possessed.
That's not to say that it lacks creative spark, far from it. The jokes in Big Hero 6 are extremely funny, and never failed to make me laugh. As far as that goes, the writing is top-notch.
Hell, Marvel movies are well-written in general, and this isn't an exception.
Despite some Disney movies tendencies to follow along the same lines of plot, characters and twists, this actually surprised me with how it turned out.
So all in all, Big Hero 6 is a pretty sweet film with a good story, great characters, funny jokes, sweet moments, and good pacing.
What else could I give it but a 10.1* rating?

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