Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iPad mini

Not enough words in the world to describe how much fail this thing has in it.g vygvhjq

Sorry, the random letters are from me headdesking on my keyboard.dfrghc
Seriously, the original iPad was just a massive iPhone/iTouch, why make an in-between model?
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The only thing it has going for it is the price, $329 for the base WiFi model (Cheaper than the iPad2 or iPad3) but it's still more than the Nexus 7 model with the same amount of storage ($249), or the base Nexus 7 model($199) and the Nexus 7 runs an open-source OS and can have all kinds of cool homebrew on it easily, whereas Apple will release updates DETERMINED to circumvent homebrew.

I think you should go with the Nexus 7, I'll be looking into a tablet soon and the Nexus 7 is on my list.