Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Sonic Adventure 2 HD and NiGHTS Into Dreams HD are being released today on the PlayStation Network. Gee, thanks for the vagueness in the release date SEGA I thought I had a little more time to get a GC copy of SA2, oh well. Anyone who buys Sonic Adventure 2 HD for the PSN gets a free SA2 theme, and anyone who buys the PSN version of NiGHTS gets a free NiGHTS theme, nice addons, I'll be needing a PS3 soon so I can review these games and Sonic Generations. SA2 HD and NiGHTS Into Dreams HD are being released tomorrow in the UK on PSN, and will be available worldwide on PSN and Xbox LIVE Arcade by the fourth of October.

In other news, Nintendo is releasing DLC for New Super Mario Bros 2. Yup, the 3D remake of NSMB DS is getting DLC packs, released on the fourth as well. Quote from the press release:

“Nintendo fans have really enjoyed the fun and competition of Coin Rush Mode, recently surpassing more than 100 billion total coins collected worldwide,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “These new packs offer completely new levels that fit into the New Super Mario Bros. 2 world, but offer new challenges that will keep players coming back for more.”
The packs being released on Oct. 4 include:
Gold Rush Pack: Fun new courses that give novice players the best chance to collect lots of gold, and veterans the chance to set even higher Coin Rush records.
Coin Challenge Pack A: The New Super Mario Bros. 2 website will track the rankings based on the scores for this pack, enabling players to measure their scores against other tallies from around the world in these more open courses.
Nerve-Wrack Pack: Intense new courses designed for veteran players looking for new challenges.
These packs can be purchased with the following procedures: Players who are connected to a wireless Internet  connection must first activate SpotPass in the game and receive a notification from New Super Mario Bros. 2.* After receiving the notification, the next time the player enters Coin Rush Mode**, a Shop icon will appear in the game. Players who have accessed the shop can then read information about the packs, including descriptions, difficulty ratings and the required storage space. As long as players have enough funds in their Nintendo eShop balance, they can then tap and purchase the packs they want all within the game."

Well, I'm no fan of DLC unless it's legit, and this seems to be legit, unlike CERTAIN companies models,
*glares at EA*

So, will I be buying these DLC packs for NSMB2? Probably not, I'm probably not gonna buy the game either.Will I be buying SA2HD and NiGHTS HD? Maybe, depends on whether or not I get a PS3 in the near future.

Sorry about the white text.

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