Saturday, December 22, 2012

My favorite game series and why I like them:

#1: The Legend of Zelda:

With the graphics style one of the best it's been in years, HD graphics in the future and the Zelda series the best it's been in decades The Legend of Zelda is the quintessential action-adventure series and the first game of the type I played. I started with the first game on NES and went on to A Link to the Past and then to Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask, the series has had a few black-sheep to it, but only Zelda 2 has received my wrath (in form of a worst game award) and all the rest of the games I liked.

#2: Metal Gear
It started on the MSX2, had some NES games, and finally had its breakout game on the PlayStation with Metal Gear: Solid, Metal Gear: Solid popularized the stealth-action genre, and it's one of my favorite games. MGS2, 3, Peace Walker, 4, all cool games, and definitely some of the coolest gameplay and best story-telling I've experienced on the original PlayStation, MGS was the first non Squaresoft/Square EA/Enix game on the PS1 I played that didn't make me want to snap the disk in half.

#3:Sonic The Hedgehog
This is the only platformer series I've played that hasn't bored me to death, Crash Bandicoot and Mario are too slow for me, and I have always preferred Sonic's storylines and characters even though I've been a Nintendo guy for most of my life. SEGA's mascot has had a lot more appeal to me than Nintendo's main mascot. Honestly I don't know why I like Sonic so much, but I'm guessing it's the speed and adventuring. It's never disappointed me yet.

#4:Final Fantasy
I've always liked RPGs, and Final Fantasy is one of the largest RPG series of all time, it's had its good times and its bad, but Final Fantasy will always have a place in my heart, Final Fantasy VI and III are two of my favorite games, I don't usually like turn-based RPGs, but if done right they can be astounding and amazing.

#5:Devil May Cry
A fantasy hack 'n slash made by Capcom for the PS2.
Yeah, nothing to dislike here. I get to run around the game world as Dante, kill demons with guns that never run out of bullets, and swords that never break, DMC2 was the second PS2 game I played and it is yet to be topped by anything else on the PS2 in quality of gameplay and fun. Devil May Cry is getting an unneeded reboot soon, with a much younger Dante who, honestly doesn't look so much like a half demon hero as Justin Bieber with a sword, but we'll see if it's any good soon.

This is just my top five, if anyone wants to see the rest, fire me an eMail or comment.

Photos from Wikipedia.