Sunday, December 16, 2012

Battle: Los Angeles

This movie has been given generally negative reviews. It came out in 2011 and was one of many action movies at the time that handled alien invasions versus ragtag elite military forces.

I should start off saying that it's not that bad. I genuinely enjoyed watching it and I don't think I wasted my time on it. I didn't like the camera styling in the beginning, but after a while it wasn't noticeable.
One thing about this type of movie, is everyone compares it to Independence Day. One thing you have to realize is this is not ID4, it doesn't have Will Smith in it, it doesn't have a load of recognizable stars, and it doesn't have enough comedic relief to it.
That being said, it's a good movie. It comes up with an original plot, a somewhat original storyline, and an interesting way of telling the story. Aliens are invading and a small band of US Marines in LA is trying to stop them. Along the way they find out that the aliens are after the water and have established command centers around the world.

The plot is by no means complicated, I actually found it refreshing that it was so straight-forward.With everything trying to be complicated, deep and strung-out this movie is a refreshing change from, say, Harry Potter, which went downhill from about number three, or the Raimi Spider-Man movies, which tried to be deep and emotional, but came off as convoluted and unnecessary. This movie is enjoyable and straight-forward, don't expect infinite Batman gambits or endless twists, all this is is humans fighting for survival, and it's a damn good way of telling it.