Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is yet another movie that lends credence to my theory that some particular bolt of lightening must have struck the movie-industry in 2012 that led to there being so many good films coming out of that year. Guess that gives away my opinions on the movie early in the review, but stick around because I've got more to talk about. The movie concerns a character from an arcade game, the name of the game is "Fix-It Felix Jr." the name of the character is "Wreck-It Ralph." While some might automatically dismiss this movie, since it is made by Disney and has a PG rating as shallow and uninteresting, but this is the best Disney movie I've seen since The Incredibles and it's also one of the best animated movies I've ever seen. It's right up there with The Land Before Time and the Superman: Red Son motion comic for me. Wreck-It Ralph does all kinds of great things with the animation, it's got a great story and it's a great movie for everyone. And I do mean everyone. Everything about the movie drew me in. The best thing is, the movie doesn't overstay its welcome, it's not too short and it's extremely well animated. Especially with the way they move between different styles of animation for the different characters and the various art-styles between the games. It's a very pretty movie to look at and it's definitely a great movie to watch, especially compared to the OTHER animated movie with iconic characters in it from 2012 (Foodfight..... You'll be getting a review soon. And possibly an episode of Unofficial Commentary as well with a few of my buds.)
It's strange, I figured that the studio behind Foodfight released this movie in an attempt to cash in on Wreck-It Ralph's success, but it was released in the UK DAYS after the first trailer for this movie hit theaters (I should know, they showed it before The Amazing Spider-Man) which means that either the studio rushed it out to cash in rather than polishing up the animation, or it's just a coincidence and I'm overthinking things for comedic effect as per-usual. I'd say that Walt-Disney missed out on a great opportunity by not releasing a tie-in game for consoles, because after seeing this movie I actually want to see all of the games they made up for this movie expanded into real ones. For now I guess there's the Flash and Unity based browser ones, and Disney: Infinity but I don't really count Disney Infinity. All in all, this movie will make you laugh and cry. It will tear your heart to pieces and lovingly put it back together again. It's a great movie, and it deserves a 10.1* rating. I'll see you next week with another review.