Friday, September 7, 2012

3DS XL (again)

well, i finally got my hands on a 3DS XL at a Gamestop in Ohio while i was away, and i have to say, it's much nicer than my DS lite. it holds better, the analog pad is smoother than the one on the original 3DS (which i had tested a demo unit in my local Gamestop), and all in all it's better than all the other DS models (except maybe the DSiXL, which i haven't used yet) it's by far the nicest handheld game-console i have ever used. New Super Mario Bros 2 is nice, but it's just a slow side-scroller. i prefer my platformers to be either fast moving or 3D in a sense that i can walk around in three directions. now, unfortunately i do not have the money to spend any real time reviewing it (let alone buying and comparing both). really, when i have more money i will review it but for now, i like it.