Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS into dreams HD remakes

Well, SEGA released HD remakes of two favorites, NiGHTS into dreams and Sonic Adventure 2 for Xbox LIVE Arcade, priced at 800 Microsoft points (or about 8.00USD).

Thing is, even though the GameCube version of SA2 isn't HD, it still had the Battle Mode and ridiculous Chao Karate on the disc. The XBLA version costs $3 to add that on as DLC, bad SEGA bad!

Fortunately, instead of REMOVING content from NiGHTS into dreams, they ADDED some, the expansion Christmas NiGHTS which was previously only available through promotions and collectors editions or holiday bundles.

Now, I will not be reviewing the HD remakes just yet, I'll be reviewing the ORIGINAL versions! What a treat for the retro-gamers and SEGA fans alike right?

some gameplay shots from SEGA of SA2:

And for NiGHTS Into Dreams

They look nice in HD don't they? As soon as I get an Xbox 360 and some extra cash I'll be reviewing the HD versions.