Saturday, September 8, 2012

Worst Game awards part 2

been a while since my first Worst Game round but here's some more:

really, Game-show games in general for consoles are usually bad, and PC ones are usually worse. games where you have to type the letters with the D-pad are terrible. this game gets a 0.6* rating, if anyone wants it i'll go into more detail or an LP but i don't want to, it's a terrible game.

PAC-MAN 2 The new adventures, SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis
i know this is boxart for the MD/G version, but the SNES version is the one i've played and it's TERRIBLE. you don't control Pac-Man, you just "direct" him, the first quest is stupid-hard and you'll automatically die in the middle of the second one. i'm not even sure if it has more than two levels, they might just give you a "congratulations" if you complete level 2! this gets a 2.2* rating, since it has the original Pac-Man in the arcade you can play.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2 for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.
i played the Wii Version, which was second highest ranked behind the DS version.
This is not an example of SEGAs finest, in the game based on the first movie, there were FMV cutscenes, the voices of the people from the movie, you could fly to almost any height and could go into Turbo mode at the push of a button. Iron Man 2 is an original story, unlike most movie games which have extra fights and such thrown in this one takes place after the movie. in this, they scrapped the control-scheme from Iron Man and put in one that should NOT be in an Iron Man game, you can barely hover, your weapons are remapped, you can only truly fly or even go at a tolerable speed in certain areas, making this more like a rails platformer than a Super-Hero game. imagine, from the company that brought us Sonic The Hedgehog, a game about robots that can move barely faster than i can walk. i haven't even gotten into the cutscenes yet! in the intro there was a nice FMV, but through the rest of the game swaps between stills of the actors in character, no real interaction, i've seen NES cutscenes that had more realism than that! Robert Downey Jr doesn't reprise his role as Iron Man in this game, they went for a guy who sounds like he's forcing the voice. then there's the tedium and cheese and other stuff i don't care to list. 0.1*, the only thing keeping it out of the negatives is the SEGA logo