Saturday, March 31, 2012

Daniel X

this series is downright stupid. a study in cliches. worst of all, you can tell when Patterson's (good) writing stops and Ledwidge's (terrible) writing begins. James Patterson can (and might i add, should) go back to the beginning and rewrite this whole thing. ALONE. the entire series is filled with the same repetition and some bad jokes. i don't mean distasteful. i mean TERRIBLE. one more thing wrong is some of the interaction and response doesn't even make sense! in one chapter Daniel is taking a taxi to some place and the guy asks him why he's there and he say's it's his job, "lettuce shredder at taco bell." he'd have done better by having him say "I'm an alien hunter!" usually you see continuity from one book in a series to the next. not in this. the continuity from chapter to chapter doesn't even fit! normally when going from book to movie they leave out stuff that needs to be in, or else change things for the worse. not for this. i don't think they could make this series any worse. in my opinion they can only go up! (seeing as they started at the bottom, there is no place else to go) i got the first one in audiobook form from my library. some of the filler and stupidity didn't come off so bad but in the book it just seemed stupid! the thing that got me interested in this was the first chapter being printed in the back of Maximum Ride Manga. the library didn't have that so i got the audiobook. after listening to the book i got a hard copy from the library and found that what just seemed odd in the audiobook was actually cliche after cliche! i tried to read the second one but found that even with a different co-author it wasn't any better! this series is not recommended unless it is rewritten by Patterson. ALONE. it gets a 0.7* rating. when i find the  manga novels i will probably rate them better.

one more thing, in the necessary rewrite, make it so that Daniel's sister escapes with him, it would make more sense. also, make the other alien kids so they all find each other on earth, and maybe make the gun that #6 uses the actual gun used by #1 to kill Dan's parents! as well as not swapping out non graphic swearing for crap that makes no sense!