Thursday, March 29, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic

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                                         Star Wars: The Old Republic:
i bought a brand new PC a while ago, 1TB HDD, 3GB RAM, 2.40GHz AMD CPU, pretty good deal for only 300 (i plan to upgrade it when the warranty is up). it runs World of Warcraft without a hitch. can't say the same for SWTOR. i had to download for at least two, three weeks to get the fully patched client. it takes up about 40, 50 GBs on my hard drive. i have been signed up for this thing since before it was in beta test. i was signed up to be a beta tester and didn't make the cut. oh well, i moved on. then i got an eMail in my inbox offering me a seven day free trial for the game. ok, i downloaded the main client (25GBs) and then it wanted to patch. i have DSL, so speeds are better than dialup, slower than cable internet. it took me over three weeks to get the client patches downloaded. i had to call customer support to get them to reset my trial until i had the download finished. then the real trouble started. first i get kicked from the server while designing my character. then, when i do manage to enter the game, it's so slow i have to change the settings. then i wind up with a choice: crappy, choppy graphics and readable text. or crappy and choppy graphics, and illegible text. my PC more than meets the minimum system requirements, and i have a decent internet connection. why then does this game that is supposed to be the greatest star wars RPG manage to make it feel like my PC is a windows 98 trying to run a windows vista program on maximum settings? this game is only free for a week or three days depending on how you got the trial. WoW (amongst others) is free to play up to a level cap or (for some others) completely free! i will not recommend this unless they make the game easier to play graphics wise, and free to play, as well as a smaller download/patch size. they could isolate the RPG format and use online play for PVP and dungeon/boss fights, but they probably won't for now this gets a 1.7* rating. if i had actually bought the physical copy of the game when it came out (which i was sorely tempted to do) i would have been very unhappy. the only redeeming quality is the opening cinematic's (amazing picture and sound, better than some movies) which is why i kept it above a 1.0*, but below a 2.0* this game will not be worth playing for the average consumer, or RPG lover until they start on some major patching. this game reminded me why i do my heavy gaming on my consoles! if they port it to Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 i might buy it as long as they do not charge me to utilize multiplayer gaming. when this is completely F2P i will upgrade the rating and when this has a better way of managing it's graphics i will upgrade it again, but for now, it get's a low rating. i hope that KOTOR 1&2 were better, cus now i am ticked off at bioware for this game. it might not be bioware's fault and completely EAs, butfor now, i will shy away from bioware until i find a reason not to. Electronic Arts has a bad rep with a lot of gamers so it could just be on their end.