Tuesday, March 27, 2012

how the xbox 360 could end microsoft's decade (give or take) long foray into the gaming market

We all heard what they said about Kinect. that it would extend the XB360s lifespan into and beyond 2015. but with the 360s bad track record (RROD, E74, shredded discs. need I go on?) even with the release of the Xbox 360 S it still has problems. It doesn't take a hardware designer or even owning the Xbox 360 (which i don't) to know that it is an insanely crappy system! Take a look at the Wikipedia page for the Xbox 360s problems! it might have good games, it might have a good network, but by 2015 it will be operating on dated equipment. nintendo has already release an 8Gen handheld and the 8Gen home console is not far behind. nintendo's new hardware, coupled with it's reliability and total backwards compatibility on the hardware side, and nintendos WiFi connection, Wii connect24, and Sony's PSN for Vita/PS3 on the networking side (both free as opposed to XBL which requires a sub to use multiplayer) will trump it in my humble opinion. In the end it all boils down to this: no accessory, no matter how good will save a console running on dated hardware. So unless I need to own an Xbox 360 and kinect to understand something, Microsoft will probably be out of the game in 2015. I guess that by the time it gets to that point, (if trends follow) nintendo will have a 9Gen handheld out and a 9Gen home console will be soon to follow. if I am wrong and I prove myself wrong or get proven wrong I will retract this. but for now, my opinion stands that if Microsoft does not design new hardware soon, they will be signing the death warrant for their console business.