Thursday, March 29, 2012


what can be said about the Wii? it had motion control before kinect and PSMove. it has some great games, it might not have 1080p HD graphics, but it's the best console for sale. motion+ means it duplicates motion 1:1. otherwise motion control is shoddy at best. my Wii is definitely a great console. if you are planning on getting a Wii get an older vertical one so you can play gamecube games as well, and not have to spend money on classic controller pros. if you get extra Wii remotes you should get the ones with motion+ built in because the addon is sloppy and adds weight and makes the already tough job of removing the jacket to insert batteries even harder:

here's an example of the difference between the addon and the built in version in case you don't already know:

. it might not be able to play DVDs or CDs but then that's why you get a DVD player isn't it?
when you need more memory (you will, the internal memory is lil more than half a gigabyte) you will need to purchase a 32 gigabyte SD card (any will work, but the capacity is obviously greater) a series of articles on SD cards and flash drives is in the works. when i run some through tests i will post what is best here but for now i am reviewing the Wii. you'll want to keep virtual console, Wiiware and game saves on the SD card and leave the main memory for online multiplayer saves, and channels you use frequently. you will want to reserve an amount of space on the memory for transferable saves since the Wii cannot run them from the Sd card. as for Miis (avatars for games like Wii sports and some wiiware) you will want to keep one persons Miis on their remote, and another persons on theirs. speaking of Wiiware and virtual console (Wiiware is download games made for Wii and VC is older games for older consoles ported to the Wii) you will need an internet connection to download them (as well as internet for multiplayer) a minimum of DSL is recommended and works fine for me. you will also need to purchase Wii points to buy old games, and Wiiware ( if you already know this it's fine to skip it. i'm just covering my bases here) one gripe i have about it is you cannot just take VC, Wiiware, channels, and multiplayer saves from one wii to the next, so you will want to find a way to clone the memory (WARNING! THAT MAY VOID THE WARRANTY On THE WII YOU ARE CLONING AND THE ONE YOU ARE TRANSFERRING IT TO!!!!!!!) or buy an extended warranty ( or wait until you experience problems to register your Wii with club nintendo.

all in all, this is a great system. FPS games are insanely easy to aim, sword fighting games actually feel like you are swinging a sword, and the platformers replace button mashing (for the most part) with motion control. if you want a real workout from it you will need to get ankle and wrist weights, as well as purchase a zumba, just dance, or Wii Fit game. the Wii is the most reliable of the seventh generation of home consoles, and i have had nintendo games a long time, call me pre decided on this, but the Wii is by far the best console you can finds for everyone. with games for young children and hard core players alike, this console gets a 10.1* rating. the cheapest one in stores is 99.99 USD, and you can get ones with several games bundled on eBay for a lot less. this is by far the best console i could have purchased.

photo credit(s) Wikipedia.