Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's Play SLENDER

Sorry it's taken so long, my internet is slow and therefore i can't upload videos to Youtube very fast.

This review goes beyond my usual text and picture format and incorporates my thoughts as i'm playing the game i'm reviewing, and then i sum it all up at the end with my final thoughts about the game. i'm going to see if this new format for me helps garner more readers. this is completely unscripted and was filmed with an old camera so forgive me if it seems low quality or impromptu because i was just making it up as i went along. this is most of my review unless for some strange reason i decide to play it again or if you would like to see the extras played, or if i find the 15 minutes of footage i lost when my SD card filled up at the end of part 4. i apologize for it being in five parts but i couldn't upload the original cut within the time i needed to have the article published.

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