Monday, August 20, 2012

New Super Mario Bros. 2

this is the first game by Nintendo to be both download and retail purchasable, but regardless of the version you get, it's gonna be forty bucks.

yup, $39.99 for both gamecard and digital download.

Nintendo how you disappoint me. i thought you would either take the more noble route with your first game of this type and make the digital version cheaper, or better yet, take the highest road and never release a game as download at all! granted the WiiWare and VC games are DL only but come on! it's not like it would COST them money to make the download version cheaper, in fact, it would motivate people to buy the download one as well!

now, since i do not have EITHER version of the game, I cannot report on how good or bad it is, but i CAN comment on the pricing:

$39.99 MSRP for either version, or 3999 3DS points (I THINK that's their system), wow, you have to pay for both the boxed game AND the 3DS points cards with a 50, AND you can re-sell one......

this takes no thought on my part, physical games trump downloads especially if the downloads are the same price or more.

image credits: google image search.

Edit: i just realized something! the page i got the info from (here: says the following: "For the first time in a portable Mario game, two players, each with a Nintendo 3DS system and game card, can play through the entire game together as Mario and Luigi over a local wireless connection"  does that mean that people without a gamecard, those who bought it through download cannot play with the co-op mode, or was it just poor-wording? i don't know, but if there's no multiplayer for the download version, then that adds to the list of reasons to buy the retail package.