Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TV shows that never should have been canceled

i'm going to go through a list of shows that i think should never have been canceled by their networks:

ok, this show might not have been the best but it tops the reality shows that keep clogging the TV, and didn't need to be canceled this early.

um, OK, here's something interesting, as i was reading the Wikipedia article for this i noticed that they had renewed it two months after they canceled it. why they even canceled it in the first place i have no clue, it still fits here since it makes no sense why they canceled it if they were gonna renew it.

long time readers will remember when i went off on FOX about canceling The Finder. the newcomers can click here to find out what i'm speaking of. this show is a spinoff of Bones and would have been as or more successful than it's parent series had it not been killed off. FOX left a good deal of loose ends with the early ending and now they just use it as weekend afternoon filler for when a sports program ends early. they did not do this show justice, i was looking forward to the next season of this, now all i can tell is worth watching is Castle and Bones, at least i have some more free time from this.......

Human Target: another FOX show, which was also shoved into the death slot and killed off prematurely. good show, it was going to go places, and FOX killed it. sad, just sad.....

                                                                    The Good Guys
if you've read my previous Finder article you can see i'm following a pattern here, mainly because the shows i mentioned there were canceled prematurely and this article is about shows that should not have been canceled.

this was a good show, the comedy was continuous and it never ceased to bring laughs. Pushing Daisies always managed to put everything together. it ended WAY too early, being canceled by ABC after the second season and effectively cutting it short, although they did tie some stuff together in the end, and created a "third season" in comicbooks. why ABC cut this short and let LOST go on for so long i have no clue.

this is all i can think of right now. images are from Wikipedia.