Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mega Man Social game for iOS

apparently there is a MegaMan social game coming out. one question: why? in this era of MMOs and ORPGs why do we need a pseudo-MMO for a Facebook platform? i mean come on, it makes no sense! MegaMan is either a shooter, shooter-platformer, or shooter-RPG depending on the era and console, why turn something so hard core compared to the bulk of social games and fluid that turning it into a social game is pointlessly stupid! i mean, most ORPGs and browser MMOs weaken over time or in the case of most, just flop. Megaman is NOT something to take upon lightly. now, after looking at what i presume are gameplay screenshots (below) it looks better, but for the life of me i can't see why people like gaming on the iPhone and iTouch since they're so small and have no controls except for the touchscreens so i can't see why a MegaMan game (which involves a good deal of button-mashing for most eras) is on the iOS since it relies on touchscreen controls and since the screen is so small (on iTouch and iPhone) your fingers will block out the action because unlike an iPad version they can't have control-specific sections without making the aspects of the screen even harder to see than they would normally be on the iTouch and iPhone screens.

hopefully this isn't what the final version is going to look like as the controls look non-existent, if you are supposed to play it like a cheap point-'n-click game Megaman is going down the tubes along with a good deal of things that get ported to (or at least franchises that have titles on) the mobile platforms always either seem to fail afterwards or at least those titles fail epicly. this game isn't a good book to judge by these covers i posted. this looks OK but the controls seem to not exist. apparently it's a crossover of all the existing Megaman games. i would hate to see this fail but it's not exactly the best idea to release a game for a great series on a terrible platform. if they made it with extra options on the iPad it would be pretty good as they could have better controls and a higher resolution but if they just do like they did with the DSiXL and blow them up, it'll look TERRIBLE. ever played an original Gameboy game on the Gameboy player at maximum size on a 50 inch TV? probably gonna look like that. i won't be getting it unless i get an iDevice sometime soon.

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