Thursday, November 1, 2012

Best Game Awards Part 1:

This is part of my ongoing series of best/worst game awards.

No, i'm not getting any more specific than that, I like all of them. To this day there has not been a truly BAD Zelda game (unless you count unofficial Flash ones and possibly CD-i ones), only frustrating ones. I'm giving the entire SERIES one of my Best Game Awards. A 10.1* for entertaining generations and challenging us with new puzzles for over 25 years!

Okay, anyone who's played this game (no matter what version) knows it's awesome. Could have done with a bit more scripting in certain Egg-Carrier stages though. 8.98*, the only thing wrong is the camera defaults to auto instead of free, and the talking animations are a bit odd.

Ahh, Goldeneye. Activision remade the classic FPS and it received almost universal praise. I myself have beaten it twice and I'm planning on an LP soon. It's the first FPS I played and I'm not sorry about that! It's the best and there's no denying it. It had four releases and three are the same game. I haven't played the DS version but hey, it's Goldeneye, it pretty much has to be good. Goldeneye 007 Reloaded gets 10.1*, it's probably the best FPS of all time, and I'm taking Perfect Dark into account!

Why you ask? I ask why you ask! This game may be over 21 years old, but it spawned one of the most successful multimedia franchises of all time, the longest running comic-book series based on a videogame, (I own the 200th issue!) the TV series that introduce me to anime (Gotta go fast!). and some awesome 3D as well as 2D games. Still going fast (Mario's just too slow!) after all these years and a transition from being a SEGA exclusive series to being on every console from the obscure to the prominent I can still say that I have never played a truly bad Sonic game, a few might be substandard (GameGear ones) but they're not "omigodiwannathrowthisaway" bad. 10.1*, Green Hill Zone theme brings me to tears!

To put it simply, F-Zero X is the only racing game I can stand to play, in all others I fishtail like mad or else something else is wrong with the game. I REALLY don't like other racing games, they're not as smooth. 8.77*, the music is so cool!

Well, that's it for the first edition of the Best Game Awards!