Friday, November 9, 2012


Yeah, it's late. Shut up and read the review.

Skyfall starts off with a macguffin hard-drive being stolen and Bond falling off a train.

Okay, it's more than that, but that's the gist of the beginning. There was quite a lot of blur to it and sometimes you couldn't tell who was Bond in which scene (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace suffered from the same thing). The hero is, of course, the famous Commander 007 James Bond, the villain is an old MI6 agent who feels M betrayed him and wants her dead. Bond of course won't allow that and is trying to stop him.

Daniel Craig is amazing as Bond, and is a lot better than I thought he would be before seeing Casino Royale, and topped the first two in the new series by far.

Javier Bardem is the villain, a disgraced and psychopathic MI6 agent who goes by the name of Raoul Silva, he was driven insane by months of torture and an attempt at suicide, he blamed M for not getting him out of wherever he was and wants her and whoever gets in his way dead.

Judi Dench is M, she reprised her role as M from the original series in Casino Royale and permanently leaves the role in this movie due to macular degeneration in both eyes. She did a good job and despite her eye-problems she looked and acted natural, only missing looking where she was supposed to be once early on.

Ralph Fiennes stars as Gareth Mallory, a former Lt. Colonel in the British Army and as of most of the movie chairman of the ISC, he did a good job and he'll be pretty good in the next movie.

Naomie Harris stars as Eve Moneypenny, a field agent who takes a desk job at the end after accidentally shooting Bond in the shoulder. She did a good job, and I hope she's better in the next one. Her role as Moneypenny was suspected throughout the entire production of the film and was only confirmed in the British showing of Skyfall.

Bérénice Lim Marlohe as stars Sévérine, the second Bond girl onscreen who gets shot about halfway through the movie by Silva. She's okay, like most of the soon-to-die Bond girls she serves for a sex-scene, fleeting eye-candy, and a bit of dialogue, only to be killed by the villain or the villains men. At least they broke the "First Bond girl to appear dies" trope.

                                        (Crappy photo, I know. It was the only one I could find)
Albert Finney plays Kincade, the gamekeeper at Bond's childhood home. Sean Connery was considered for the role (And he could have played it) but for some reason they chose Finney, and he did a good job. He had funny moments and it'd be cool if he was in the next one.

Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner, M's Chief of Staff, who plays a very small role in the movie, he saved M's life and I don't know if he survived the courtroom scene.

Ben Whishaw as Q, head of Q branch. He's the youngest to play Q and the first in Q ten years. He does a good job and plays the part of a geek very well.

Anyways, the movie was very good, the only thing not explained was how Bond survived being shot twice and falling off a bridge into a river and then falling off a water-fall.

Then again, Bond IS Made of iron.......

Anyways he comes back (Shaken and a bit weaker), runs around the world, gets a few million euros because he got a poker-chip off an assassin (Who kills someone who is of no other relevance to the plot and then falls off a building), and gets voluntarily captured and tied to a chair by Silva.

Then weird stuff happens.

For the next three minutes the scene plays like any other hero-captured-by-villain scene, Silva gloats, tells Bond how M faked his records to get him back on active duty, and then it gets kind of homoerotic.

The theme is sung by Adele and I heard it on the radio a while before I knew it was the theme to Skyfall. It's good and fits the movie perfectly.
Anyways aside from that scene the movie has no flaws, I give it a 9.90*, there are several crowning moments of funny and it's a very good Bond movie, MUCH better than the late Roger Moore-era movie I saw on iON one night....

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