Sunday, November 11, 2012

Most bone-headed moves in the videogame industry, part 1

Here is where I chronicle the worst business moves made by companies that produce and or publish videogames.

Atari refusing to give their employees credit for the games they made.

What happened here was Atari, one of the first videogame publishers and console manufacturers wanted their developers to remain anonymous (which wouldn't be stood for anytime after that) and thus Activision spawned from it, and caused the second generation North American videogame crash with the loads of unlicensed shovelware games. If Atari had inserted a credits sequence in their games then there wouldn't have been a crash in '83, they wouldn't have lost a ton of money, and they PROBABLY wouldn't have dropped out in the fifth generation and there might have been a sixth, seventh or even EIGHTH Generation Atari! (think on that for a bit).

Releasing the PSPgo.
This was probably the first (and hopefully only) console that doesn't use any kind of removable media and has no backwards compatibility with previously released PSP games. So you had a system that couldn't play the games you already had, you couldn't re-sell your games, nor could you easily hack it. Anyways, the PSPgo is infamous for many reasons, first being its download only game system, the second being its Wireless B internet, another one being the control layout, and finally the fact that the hardware has been boycotted and discontinued for the most part.

Region coding on the PSVita, 3DS, Wii, and whatever other consoles use it.

Seriously, in this day and age, with imports being the thing with hardcore gamers and some games being exclusive to certain regions (Especially with Chrono Trigger being JAP and NTSC only with no PAL entry until the DS remake) they might as well just stop. Honestly if they want to make more money and avoid unlicensed addons and piracy they should remove region-coding and work on the international scripts at the same time, if they did that there would be less fan demand and more revenue for the companies, and we wouldn't spend endless hours googling for fan translations of the Death Note DS trilogy.

This is the end of part 1, let me know if you have any suggestions or topics for this let me know.