Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PlayStation 4

The PS4 has GDDR5 memory, and check this out:
The picture on the left depicts the new controller, and the "Light sensor bar", so it is as I predicted. Namely, Sony is copying Nintendo in a lot of ways.

PS4 will allow you to suspend play sessions much like the 3DS does

PS4 will have its own social network, like the Wii U which also interconnects to other social networks

You can use tablets, smartphones, PSPs, PSVita's, computers, etc to check on things in the game

PS4 will track what you play and what you use and pre-load content based on it

He keeps saying "ease of access, simplicity", better be better than the XROSS media bar

We move on to another guest speaker.
CEO of GaiKai is on now
Yeah right dude, the PlayStation opening was cool, and the games were good, but it wasn't better than the N64

You can find out when a friend purchases a new game, how will that work with physical games?

OH GOOD, you can play and choose to pay if you want or not with "Try it now", sounds good to me.

They're making a dedicated social network for games, MiiVerse much?

You can press the "share" button on your controller to show livestreams of your game, but isn't that what LPs are for? Anyways this feature isn't public, so it'll never replace YouTube

They're letting you ask friends to take over your game to help you via internet. Although there's such thing as PCs so you can look up walkthroughs and play it yourself
OH LOOK! They're advertising remote play and secondary screens. Wii U right?

They're saying the same thing that was one of the selling points for Wii U, except that you need a PSVita for it instead of a pack-in controller

They're saying the PS4 can be a server so you can play games with your portables

There's no backwards compatibility with PS3 games, so don't toss your PS3 onto eBay yet