Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PS4 update

They're advertising PS1 and PS2 emulation for the PS4, and they'll allow some kind of compatibility with the PS3. They're saying you can pick up almost any device and play any PlayStation game, from PS1 to PS4. Nowadays with most mobile devices you can emulate the PlayStation 1, from the PSP and PSVita to Nexus 7, that's just making something that's free paid unless they don't charge for it.

Look, I don't know about you, but I'm not bothered by having to put a game into the slot and power up. There's a reason why all my consoles are in a specific room, because I've got my favorite chair there and most other chairs are uncomfortable.

Wait WHAT!? You can press "Share" and RECORD AND UPLOAD!?" Okay, that's great.

Yeah, it's verified as PS4.

Calling the PlayStation Network the fastest and most powerful gaming network......

Saying that the PS4 is gonna be more powerful than anything else.... Not a good sign.....

Hellghast and Vectons fighting in a new game, although "Hellghast" is a name I've heard before, it's from Killzone: Shadowfall

The FMV they're showing for the new Killzone is impressive, but unless there's actual gameplay it could be just another game.

The graphical detail is amazing, I hope they show gameplay soon.

Okay, explosion..... Gameplay please?

Getting into FPS gameplay, looks like a futuristic shooter.

Holy crap, my headset's picking up sounds from the left and right alike, this game looks good.

So far just cover-based shooting and standard FPS stuff....

Impressive amounts of AI NPCs and hostiles on the screen, as well as an impressive amount of active fire.

Hope they let you fly the ship you're clinging to.

DANG that is one nice looking city.

QTEs to get into and out of the ship......

The hero just got captured and the camera zoomed out.

Okay, cars. Driveclub is what this is called. Team based racing, existed as a concept for ten years, the trademark is nine years old. Waiting for the tech to be available so they can make it.
Seriously? That's ALL that next-gen means! There are some of the best games of all time on GameCube or PS1!
Okay, app-based club and challenge management, just another gimmick to me.

First-person driving game with a bunch of detail and accuracy rendered to insane details, these guys are rendering EVERYTHING you can think of.

Are they gonna require you to press buttons to get in the car and to perform maintenance on it? That's what I like about Need For Speed, it never asks your to do that.
Okay, so far it just looks like another driving game with an online base that probably won't last too long, although Final Fantasy XI's still getting updates.

Sense of security, go on.

I hope you're leading up to something neat here dude, what's your name?

Okay, you're just ripping off X-Men here bro, a theory about people developing super-powers and how the world will react. PS4 exclusive, not helping yourself by it not being cross-platform.

Okay, dystopic super-human sci-fi game, I might just have to check that out. inFamous- Second Son is the title of the game, looks like something I'd buy, but they didn't show gameplay.

You DO realize that the PS2 was weaker than even the Dreamcast right?

OHHH, that's neat. Self publishing games for the PS4, NICE! That's good.

Nobody's laughing at anybodies jokes.