Saturday, March 30, 2013

3DS firmware update part 3

So far the only thing I've noticed is aesthetic changes, the web-browser's loading bar is now a small strip on the top screen, and a lot less intrusive. Downloads don't seem to have changed for the most part, although fortunately they no longer crash when you close the system. I'll have to check out a demo from the Nintendo Zone and see if they've fixed the crashing issue with closing the system while downloading from there. All in all they did fix a few things, but you can't move saves from the digital version to the retail one, only retail to digital (Although I think I covered that already) they still haven't fixed the fact that it still takes a while to boot (Although that's just impatience on my part) and since there have been reports of system crashes you'd think that they'd release another update that fixes that, although by the time I found out about the crash they probably had. Anyways, the 3DS is still a good system despite the fact that without any kind of controller grip it's extremely uncomfortable for long sessions, and as a games journalist that's a major problem since I've been playing Mutant Mudds for a while and I have a feeling that I'm starting to get carpal-tunnel from the smallness of the system, I need to pick up a circle-pad pro sometime soon.