Thursday, March 28, 2013

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney mid-point thoughts

I'm taking a break from The World Ends With You to finish Ace Attorney.
So far I can't complain, I haven't gotten a single "Guilty" verdict yet, although for some reason they re-used the character theme from a witness in the second case for another character, which completely doesn't fit her. The theme in question is happy and soft, which fits the character who is garbed in pink and quite bouncy and bubbly, but doesn't fit either of the other characters they use it on, a male idiot (Hard to describe him any other way) and a frumpy female college student, although they replace the area theme where the guy is with the samurai theme from the third case (which at least applies) later on. One thing I need to address is the fact that in order to proceed with the fourth case you need to present a specific piece of evidence to a witness to get them to reveal an updated piece of evidence critical to keeping your client a free man, unfortunately at this point you'll likely over look the evidence in favor of presenting something else that could help, and that brings me to what is probably the ONLY problem I'll have with the game, the fact that even if you've deduced exactly how the events of the second case went down, if you try to present a specific piece of evidence before your boss tells you what to do you'll be penalized by the judge. If you haven't screwed up before it won't be a problem, but if you happen to have tried presenting the evidence before a few times or at a different point in the testimony you could potentially lose the case. I get that they're trying not to sequence-break, but I'd like it if there were opportunities to present evidence that contradicts a testimony BEFORE Capcom thought about it, it'd make for a better game. That little gripe aside the game is good so far, it stimulates my inner Sherlock Holmes the same way the Nancy Drew games did, only now you don't have to kick your way out of a burning shed only to be given a ticket by the hyper-sensitive park ranger for almost being burnt alive.

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