Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beat it VS. Beat it 2008

And with another non-game review I prove that "Various Reviews" is not merely a name and that I really do wear a lot of hats. And here we go, a music VS review.

Beat it starts out clear, the drumbeats are audible and sound great. The guitar is crystal, and Michael's voice sounds perfectly goof
The lyrics and music blend perfectly, the guitar in the background and cymbal sound perfectly fine.
The song itself is inspiring and has a good message to it, while still keeping you entertained with the beat and guitar.
The guitar solo is as awesome as ever, the song has aged well, Van Halen did a good job on the guitar front.
The song lasts four minutes and eighteen seconds, a perfect length. It doesn't outstay its welcome and the fade-out allows a good cooldown. What else can I say? It's Beat It.

Now, the opening of Beat it 2008 sounds good, but the followup by the drumbeats sounds muffled.
Everything sounds muffled really, Fergie's voice is the only clear part so far. Even Michael's voice sounds like it's heard through a pillow over top of the speakers.
The guitar suffered most, it's muffled more than anything else.
This tries to be an epic remix, and could have been if they kept the guitar clear and squealy like it's supposed to be.
Now I don't understand why Fergie is saying "You want it? Come get it!" over and over.
Both the solo and bass guitar sound muffled. Honestly? This song isn't living up to its full potential. Some of the editing is a bit confusing, since it has Michael singing as well as backing himself up. I know that was kinda his thing, but it seems kind of out of place towards the end of the song with the duet.
The song closes with part of the riff from the opening, then abruptly ends without any ceremony with two opening echo beats, it's not bad.
 On its own Beat It 2008 is pretty good, and both songs are perfectly fine listens, but the techno-synth of Beat It 2008 kind of overshadows the outstanding guitar of Beat It, which doesn't really help it much.
If you can, listen to both and see for yourself which you prefer. I pick the original Beat It since it's got the best guitar, but Beat It 2008 has some impressive synth if you like it better than electric guitar.

Image credits Wikipedia and Google image search