Monday, March 18, 2013

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, first impressions

I picked up all five of the US released Ace Attorney games cheap, I'm really liking the first one so far.
This game is equal parts visual novel and point and click adventure game, only with deductive reasoning used instead of illogic puzzles. You play as the aforementioned Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright, a rookie lawyer that seems like a cross between Perry Mason and Sherlock Holmes at times. It's pretty much always gonna be murder trials you're working on with a lot of investigating to be had. A lot of the game requires deductive reasoning, thinking ahead, and foresight to keep going. Your boss will occasionally help you out, but in one episode I found her help completely useless since I figured out what was going on before she told me, and I tried presenting the evidence as such, but since the evidence didn't get updated until after she told me about it I was penalized for it, even though it made perfect sense. That little criticism aside the game is great, the story has me spellbound and despite it being a visual novel/adventure game there are points where it gets really intense, mainly in the courtroom and even outside. I might get the WiiWare version so I can do an LP, but I don't usually buy digital games. This game is so immersive that in episode 3 I had to stay away from the office as much as I could just to stop from crying, and that's the first time that any game has had me close to tears.
Glad I got this along with Splinter Cell otherwise I'd be completely disappointed by Saturday.
One thing I have to say to Capcom is why haven't you localized Ace Attorney Investigations: Prosecutors Path? Or even Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney! You reboot Devil May Cry but don't localize something that would make you a load of money? At least there's someone pushing for them to be localized but since Capcom's focusing the Ace Attorney budget on Ace Attorney 5 it grows more unlikely every day. Also, why is it called Ace Attorney 5? In total there have been SEVEN games in the series, but then again, this is from Capcom, the people who named the twentieth installment in the series that defined survival horror Resident Evil 6, and released Devil May Cry in order of second, last, first, and third, so linear numbering isn't their strong suit, but since the name so far is just Ace Attorney 5 and this is only the second numbered sequel (Prosecutors Path is the unofficial name for Turnabout Prosecutor 2) then why don't they just call it Ace Attorney Eight? Inexplicable numbering aside it's still entertaining.

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