Friday, March 22, 2013

The World Ends With You, first impressions

I've taken a break from Ace Attorney to play this game and I happen to like it.
This game is sometimes billed as a more modern version of Chrono Trigger, but they're completely different and unique games with totally different play styles, it's not better than Chrono Trigger, for me, I think they're on the same level. The music in this game is stellar, but I'd like it if there was a lot more variety to it, there's only a handful of about five songs that play from day one to day three, and even though they're all great I'd like to see a lot more variety of them. There might be more in gameplay after day three, but so far the only different songs are in cutscenes and not in gameplay. The game is an action-RPG that requires you to pay attention to both screens. The plot is that you, Neku, has been dumped into an alternate-reality game where you have to survive for seven days in order to escape. The touchscreen is used a bit more than I'd like, but it actually works, after the battle tutorial you absolutely NEED to open up the menu and equip pins because otherwise you're having to run around as Neku and your partner is the only one able to attack if you don't. Now, the art style is intriguing, the story is interesting, and so far the title means absolutely nothing. So far the game is good, and you have a lot of cool things to do. It's kind of hard to describe, which is why it's hard to tell other people what it's about without spoiling things. Anyways, the partner system makes it a little hard to pay attention to both screens, I usually wind up just making my partner face the enemy and keep pressing left or right on the D-Pad. Unfortunately they don't use the button controls too good since it's designed for both lefties and righties instead of just having two control schemes you can choose from. I'd like it if they let you use more button control, but it's not completely needed. I like the game so far, I'd recommend it.

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